Baltimore MD Healthcare Regulation Compliance Re-Assessment Services Launched

IT specialists, Klik Solutions, has launched a partnership with Medical Business Partners. The new partnership will apply their combined medical and IT expertise to help medical practices become and remain compliant with the current onerous regulatory requirements.

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The partnership has been launched to assist medical professionals and practices that need to protect medical data and, in particular, patients’ records. Regulatory compliance is essential but the constantly changing laws, rules, and regulations make compliance a challenging task for most practices.

Klik Solutions has been assisting businesses with their IT needs for nearly a decade. The company provides managed IT services that streamline processes and procedures to improve productivity. As cybersecurity experts, they can protect companies against hackers and other threats, as well as assist those that have had their systems compromised. Their third specialization is cloud services, helping businesses move their IT to the cloud.

Klik Solutions’ new partners are Medical Business Partners, a company that is able to keep up to date with the ever-changing compliance rules and regulations. For medical practices, this is a burdensome requirement. Compliance needs to be constantly reassessed by practices, probably every quarter, and medical practices need to be able to respond to new security threats as they emerge.

The partnership between Klik Solutions and Medical Business Partners covers online security and medical regulatory requirements. Medical practices can sign up for the Klik Solutions regular newsletter that highlights changes to medical regulations and emerging cyber threats.

Ensuring staff throughout practices implement new regulatory changes and fix IT vulnerabilities on a quarterly basis is an exacting task for compliance officers. The new partnership can support compliance officers in the development of systems to inform staff of changes and to help ensure they comply with them.

In the first instance, medical professionals and medical practices need a full assessment to check for compliance. Following this, regular reassessments are recommended to ensure each practice continues to meet the needs of the regulations and is protected from cybersecurity threats.

A company spokesperson said: “We can provide risk assessments for healthcare institutions while identifying vulnerabilities and implementing protections for IT infrastructure and operations. We can also establish protocols for training, procedures, and how to respond in the event of breaches.”

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