Canada Mid-Sized Business Leadership/Productivity Coaching – Courses Launched

360 Leadership Coaching, a Canadian business development company, has launched a ‘Leadership Sprint’ coaching course for medium-sized business owners looking to improve their performance. The company works with individuals and organizations across Canada to enhance leadership skills through innovative sessions and workshops.

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360 Leadership Coaching’s latest launch responds to the increasing demand for leadership coaching that delivers proven results. As more businesses begin to see the value of corporate mentorship, finding a suitable coach becomes critical.

The company bases its leadership tutelage around six core steps. With ‘Leadership Sprint,’ clients will learn to identify overarching issues, stop micromanaging, streamline their business, increase free time, reach profit goals, and enhance employee productivity. 360 Leadership Coaching will provide clients with a clear pathway to meeting these six tenets within a 15-minute coaching call.

During the call, the company can also quickly identify areas of improvement in a client’s leadership style. They explain that individuals can rarely spot potential issues within their team before they appear — especially when they are close to the people involved. To this end, the company has developed a proprietary tool that offers clients a complete view of all aspects of their business.

360 Leadership Coaching’s ‘Leadership Sprint’ is provided by the company’s founder, Stephanie Paille. Stephanie has tested her coaching program on over 200 leaders, and she continually strives to improve her techniques. To date, her mentoring has produced a 788% return on investment — over six times the coaching cost. She and her colleagues also offer team transformation, strategic planning, and leadership intensives.

With the latest announcement, the company continues to provide innovative and effective leadership mentoring to businesses across Canada.

Stephanie has over 18 years of experience in leadership tutelage. As a testament to her quality, she has coached more than 1600 business owners and delivered over 500 business training sessions.

“I found it so very easy to work with Stephanie,” said a satisfied client. “She was very approachable, knowledgeable, and sales-driven. We worked well as a team to surpass our goals and grow our business.”

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360 Leadership Coaching

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