Mintie: The Yoga Pants with FrostTech Fabric that Reduce Your Temperature by 7°C

On a hot summer’s day, sometimes the last thing you want to do is make yourself even hotter by exercising. Never fear though because Mintie yoga pants have arrived to provide a solution; their FrostTech double-cooling fabric can reduce your temperature by as much as 7°C. Mintie’s exclusive patented T-Cool +Xylitol fibre blocks out the sun and rapidly releases heat from the body, helping you to feel cool even the sunniest of days. The Xylitol component is a naturally occurring compound that combines with the moisture generated by the wearer’s body to generate peppermint cooling on the skin. Xylitol is found in a variety of different foodstuffs, the most common being minty chewing gum. Nano-technology is used to coat each yarn of the fabric with this special ingredient to provide the same level of cool freshness.

In addition to reducing the temperature of the wearer, Mintie yoga pants also make your body look shapely and sleek. The super-lightweight weaving technique used to produce them will make you feel so light you might think you’re not wearing anything at all, and their hip-lifting design creates the perfect butt-shape. The pants are currently being financed via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, and look set to be the next big thing in practical-yet-stylish, highly fashionable exercise apparel.

With global warming creating increasingly hotter summers and the temptation to use the heat as an excuse for lethargy, Mintie yoga pants remove all excuses and provide a valuable asset to your exercise regime. They’re flexible, long-lasting and breathable, and designed to reshape your body and make it look more fit and athletic. Those who have tried it so far report that the parts of their skin it covers feel even cooler than those that remain uncovered, and that it simultaneously enhances their appearance whilst working out. “The yoga pants really give me a silky and weightless experience,” reported a yoga teacher who was lucky enough to get to don a pair of Mintie pants in advance of the conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign. “[The] high waist design has really good coverage. [They] makes my legs look really long. I look much taller with this!”

It is perhaps little wonder she was so impressed with their appearance-enhancing capabilities, given that the pants were designed by French fashion-guru Alexandre Cailleaux. Cailleaux specialises in using advanced fabric techniques to redefine high-quality casual and sportswear. Mintie are definitely one to watch throughout the years to come.

You can check out the Kickstarter page here: