Pinnacle Digital Agency LLC, A Marketing-Savvy Business Has Entertainment Industry Professionals Hogging the Spotlight

“Momager” Knows Best

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – Pinnacle Digital Agency LLC in Atlanta, Georgia has relaunched as a creative marketing agency for entertainment industry professionals such as performing artists (actors, musicians, singers, dancers), makeup artists, hairstylists, set designers, booking agents, radio announcers, etc. Founder/CEO, Barbara E. Newbern, is a digital marketer and former “momager” who believes entertainment workers should market themselves like any other business. Pinnacle offers marketing materials and services that differentiate them from the competition and generate publicity.

“The entertainment industry is called show business for a reason. Entertainment workers have to sell themselves if they want to stay competitive,” said Barbara E. Newbern, Founder/CEO, Pinnacle. “Skills and talent will only get them so far, especially if no one knows they exist. Meanwhile, opportunities are passing them by.”

Pinnacle Digital Agency LLC was previously a digital marketing agency for small businesses. The pandemic impacted their original niche market considerably. In the wake of hoping for a turnaround that never came, Barbara E. Newbern, Founder/CEO, was faced with some tough choices. “We had to choose between staying with our niche, which was a sinking ship at the time, or boarding a different ship altogether,” she said. “We chose the latter.”

She continued, “Eventually, I resolved to use my marketing and graphic design skills in the entertainment industry. As a ‘momager,’ I learned early on that I was responsible for promoting my son’s acting and modeling career.” With that in mind, she mulled over marketing services that would be most beneficial to entertainment-industry professionals. It was decided that attention-grabbing promo videos and publicity are a winning combination.

Social media is the easiest way for entertainment workers to increase their fan base and followers. The most effective text posts are encouraging, informative, inspiring, or amusing while clearly representing their brand personality. Promo videos help them stand out in a newsfeed.

“Promo videos should be captivating enough to make a scroller stop in their tracks within the first three seconds,” said Barbara E. Newbern. “If the displayed graphics and text does not pique interest, potential viewers may never discover what they have to offer.”

Press releases and EPK’s (electronic press kits) are an essential component of the Pinnacle marketing strategy. They place entertainment industry professionals in the public eye by sharing current information and compelling stories with the news media. “A press release is sort of like advertising without using advertisements and an EPK is a portfolio with career highlights,” explained the Founder/CEO. “We use them to hype up our clients and reach a wider audience.”

At Pinnacle Digital Agency LLC, the career, style, genre, and individuality of each entertainment worker is taken into consideration. All marketing materials reflect their brand personality with brand cohesion wherever possible.

Barbara E. Newbern, Founder/CEO, said, “I think our new niche is a perfect fit! Maybe this is what we were supposed to do all along.”


Pinnacle Digital Agency LLC, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is a creative marketing agency for entertainment industry professionals. Whether a novice or veteran, we offer marketing tools that enable them to take center stage and eventually reach the pinnacle of success.

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