Boxing is number one sport in Kazakhstan – Kenes Rakishev

As it was promised by Kenes Rakishev earlier, the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation awarded the winners of the Olympic Games in Tokyo with extra cash prizes.

At the 2020 Games, Kazakhstani boxers won two medals. Saken Bibosynov (in weight class of 52 kilograms and less) and the captain of the national team Kamshybek Kunkabayev (in weight class of 91 kilograms and more) won bronze.

The boxers were encouraged by the Kenes Rakishev with extra cash bonuses in the amount of 50 thousand dollars. Their coaches received 10 thousand dollars each.

“Boxing is the number one sport in Kazakhstan. There are a lot of students, a lot of fans. There is no such attention in the country to other sports. Our task is to support athletes and coaches. And whatever the results, we must thank the team for all the contribution, for the aspirations, for the achievements. I congratulate you all!” – said the head of the Federation Kenes Rakishev.

In addition to Bibosynov and Kunkabayev, the Olympic team included: Serik Temirzhanov (up to 57 kilograms), Zakir Safiullin (up to 63 kilograms), Abylaykhan Zhusupov (up to 69 kilograms), Abilkhan Amankul (up to 75 kilograms), Bekzad Nurdauletov (up to 81 kilograms), Vasily Levit (up to 91 kilograms) and Nadezhda Ryabets (up to 75 kilograms). All sportsmen and women received personal congratulation from Kenes Rakishev and memorable gifts.