How Solar Panels Change Home Value In Southern California

The new guide explains why solar energy is a significant investment for homeowners, including the benefits of free energy and tax breaks. It also shows why homebuyers are paying more for homes with pre-installed panels.

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The most recent in a series of posts aimed at educating people about the solar industry, the piece applies to current trends. According to a report by the US Solar Market Insight, most of the country’s 3 million installations this year have been in residential properties.

Homebuyers are paying a premium for properties that include solar panels with an average resale value increase of 4% per property. In most cases, the growth in home value is enough to cover the initial investment of the system itself.

Additionally, homebuyers are attracted to other benefits such as having an independent and dependable energy source, and the elimination of fluctuating bills. Another attractive perk to solar is the federal tax credit that covers 26% of system installation costs.

In the spirit of transparency, the post also explains specific stipulations to be aware of when considering going solar. It highlights how working with a professional organization like Option One Solar helps to avoid these caveats.

The piece shows how the growing value of the solar energy industry directly translates to an increase in the value of homes equipped with the modern technology. This alone is a major reason customers are choosing to work with Option One Solar to install solar panels in their homes.

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