Kenes Rakishev reinvents the battery metals – from mining to startups and back

The name of Kenes Rakishev is appearing in the news quite often. Kazakhstani businessman with wide interest and the wide set of connections is known for his deep involvement in startup scene, stock market, financial technology and charity. His views at the whole range of modern topics are important for investors. Kenes Rakishev experience in mining and metal refinement business is in high demand. Rakishev is experienced crisis manager, which is shown by his handling of the most difficult situations. But who Kenes Rakishev actually is? has the answer.

Early life and education of Kenes Rakishev

Kenes Rakishev’s father was a statesman and public figure, Khamit Rakishev. Khamit Rakishev was the head of the national Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Born in 1979, Kenes Rakishev got a higher education in his country, then in London where he got AMP Diploma from Oxford University. Kenes Rakishev holds diplomas in law and economics.

Kenes Rakishev married Aselle Tasmagambetova, the elder daughter of Kazakh politician and diplomat Imangali Tasmagambetov.

Kenes Rakishev’s current set of assets

Kenes Rakishev is holding majority stake in SAT&Company – one of the most important national industry groups. It controls thirty different entities and is active in mining, recycling, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, construction, oil trading and minerals exploration. SAT&Co expanded beyond the borders of Kazakhstan by acquiring assets in China and Turkey. SAT&Co is known for innovative approach to mining. The company mines are pioneering energy and water-saving technologies, land re-cultivation and leaching.

Mr. Rakishev is known as an ex-owner and crisis manager of the major Petropavlovsk gold mining complex.

Golden but troubled: Petropavlovsk mining

Kenes Rakishev bought the Petropavlovsk gold mining company and forced it to work. As an investor looking for a quick turnout, he resumed production and invested in the main parts of the company. He sold the company in good condition to a new investor and immediately began looking for another mine to invest in. Meanwhile, Petropavlovsk has become a battleground for corporations seeking to control a once-forgotten mining company.

As gold prices rise higher and higher and investors seek safe havens, gold producers are in demand. Despite the silence in the markets of gold mining companies, mergers and acquisitions are red-hot. Numerous investors, including Kenes Rakishev, are looking for worthy assets to invest in. Competition is growing, as well as attempts to violate processes and property rights in already established operations.

The fight for control of one of the largest gold miners on the stock exchange took another turn today, as Russian billionaires accused of trying to seize it on the cheap demanded a vote of shareholders to replace the directors with their preferred candidates.

Petropavlovsk was founded by Peter Hambro – the scion of a banking dynasty – to invest in Russian gold mines.

Nickel-Cobalt mining assets – a trump card in Kenes Rakishev’s deck

Kenes Rakishev owns a license to mine nickel and cobalt deposits in the East of Kazakhstan. He firmly believes in the bright future of the so-called battery metals and pays much attention to his new company – Battery Metals Technology. Gornostayevskoe mineral deposit has a confirmed potential to supply the world with nickel and cobalt to power the automotive revolution. With Battery Metals Technology at full power the supplies of the important metals will be diversified and close to the main industrial centres.

Kenes Rakishev maintains an excessive portfolio of financial assets. He is caretaker for former BTA Bank, which, along with other assets are united under the Fincraft corporation hood.

But it’s not the main reason Kenes Rakishev is known to the public. His activity at the tech pioneering scene and the venture capitalism makes him a truly international person.

Among well known startups Kenes Rakishev funded at the very beginning of their existence are Net Element, Fast Lane, Genesis Angels, IQcard and others.