Maintain A Clean Bill of Health with Help from Partida Corona Medical Center Primary Care Doctor In Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV – Partida Corona Medical Center is a direct primary care facility with several trained medical professionals on the ground ready to address all emergency and non-emergency health concerns. The medical team at the primary care center specializes in diagnosing and addressing health problems early to prevent hospitalization or health complications. As a direct primary care facility, Partida Corona Medical Center offers the same day or next day appointment to patients while also ensuring that the quality of medical services rendered remains at an all-time high.

“It is the purpose of primary care to aid in the understanding of disease processes and come up with effective treatment plans. Many diseases initially present themselves with minor symptoms and if diagnosed early, can be limited in the damage they do to the patient. As primary care, we diagnose and treat the vast majority of medical issues troubling patients and prescribe treatment accordingly. Here at Partida Corona Medical Center, we have outfitted ourselves with in-house lab drawing, various CLIA-waived laboratory testing as well as spirometry, EKG, and ultrasound (whole body and vascular). In applying these diagnostic services, we can usually avoid hospitalization for the majority of our patients,” said Dr. Jose Maria Partida Corona M.D.

Patients who wish to take control of their health can begin by walking into the direct primary care facility to get started. Partida Corona Medical Center makes enrollment easy for all interested patients by waiving enrollment fees for established patients or those referred by the primary care center members. More than this, patients will have access to clear, simple, and affordable membership pricing without having to worry about COPAYS or having to deal with insurance hassles.

Partida Corona Medical Center ensures that each patient is treated with the utmost respect at all times. Patients will have access to the same day or next day appointment scheduling, upfront pricing on additional health services, extended office visit hours for the busy patients, as well as the latest diagnostic tools to establish diagnosis and aid treatment. The primary care center also offers physical exams for sports, schools DMV forms, work, and FMLA. Patients who are dealing with addiction and wish to get treatment help can also leverage the Las Vegas suboxone treatment offered at the direct primary care center.

Partida Corona Medical Center is located at 2950 E Flamingo Rd Suite E, Las Vegas, NV, 89121, and can be reached via phone at 702-565-6004. For more information, visit their website.

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