Volunteers to raise $60,000 in 21 days to support Shatterproof

, a national addiction recovery and advocacy organization

Norwalk, CT – Volunteers in the 5th virtual leadership class of Ascension Leadership Academy, as part of its transformational curriculum, have created a large-scale community service project to support a national non-profit organization. The 2021 class, composed of 18 individuals, has chosen to support Shatterproof and has set out to raise $60,000, execute an “End the Stigma” awareness campaign, and host a celebration event to support those struggling with addiction. The campaign runs until November 4, 2021.

Addiction kills more people every year in the U.S. than breast cancer, gun violence, and car accidents combined. Only 1 in 10 people who need treatment ever receive it, and is typically not quality, evidence-based treatment. Addiction is the only illness that is criminalized, costing our country $740B a year. Those who struggle with addiction face crippling stigma, too rarely receive high-quality care, and suffer inequitable rates of incarceration. Shatterproof is dedicated to revolutionizing addiction treatment, ending the stigma of addiction, and empowering & educating communities around this disease. Each member of this team has been personally affected, has a loved one who is or has been affected by a substance use disorder.

“We, the fifth virtual leadership class of Ascension Leadership Academy, are taking a stand to transform lives by partnering with Shatterproof. This 501c3 non-profit is the visionary organization that is creating policy change, revolutionizing addiction treatment, ending the stigma of addiction, empowering and educating communities. They are currently the leading addiction advocate on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures; and are effecting change from California to New York,” said Dani Apgar, Press Secretary of Ascension Leadership Academy’s leadership team.

“The transformational work that Ascension Leadership Academy is doing while supporting non-profits comes at a critical time given we are entering the holiday season which can further trigger unjust shame and stigma to those affected by this health crisis. We are grateful to these amazing leaders for stepping up and sharing this life-saving work to make systemic change of how people talk, treat and recover from addiction. What they are doing in such a short amount of time is nothing short of astounding,” said Gary Mendell, founder & CEO, Shatterproof

� For more information on the community service project, visit alaeq.com/shatterproof

� For more information on the Shatterproof, visit shatterproof.org

� For more information on Ascension Leadership Academy, visit alaeq.com

Ascension Leadership Academy opened in 2016, 30+ leadership teams have passionately selected organizations to support through their collective efforts and shared commitment to make the most significant impact possible. The selected organization, like Shatterproof, serve populations in need including children, veterans, unhoused people, and groups of individuals with certain health or life challenges.

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