Arash Barmaan – From Basketball Player to Serial Entrepreneur

Arash Barmaan, a boy in his early twenties, born and brought up in Los Angeles were toiling hard to make it to the NBA player list when on the other side his mundane family background were dreaming of seeing him as a Doctor or Engineer. Arash’s Middle Eastern background, if nothing, has won him perseverance and unwavering determination to work and win out his goals. After passing out from his secondary school, hapless to his faith, Arash, on account of racial discrimination, was removed from the high school basketball team but his skills and dedication helped him to win out a space in the Santa Monica College men’s basketball team.

When the time for try-outs came, there were a handful of positions available and many of them were reserved for recruits and members of the returning team. Arash did not give up. He had a firm belief that he still owns a chance and in the additional years, he decided to play overseas and later try for the NBA as this will increase his chances to become a professional basketball player. He thought it to be the best career option for his future.

Unfortunately, the faith didn’t feed him the things and conditions he thought it would because the situation was not going well for him. When his destiny stacked all the odds against him and due to his genetic history and origin he couldn’t make it to the successful player. Even if he did take pains to manage the position, it would exhaust him further and leave him distressed at the time of his retirement.

Owing to his dismay, all of these events ushered him in a new direction. In addition, when Arash put in a lot of effort to make his dream of becoming a basketball player come true, he aspired to be a CEO of a business or corporate world and after taking his time, he decided to develop an application. He eventually created his software, BOOS, which is an online dating service for the Persian-Jewish community. It turned out to be a better situation for him. He still hopes to one day work as an NBA trainer and still realises his ambition and is working to fulfil it through perseverance and unwavering determination.

Presently, Arash Barmaan is pursuing his sports management degree at the University of Miami and at the same time, he is maintaining and making user-friendly improvements in his application.