Intercompany Solutions Simplifies Company Registration in the Netherlands

Rotterdam, Netherlands, The Netherlands has become one of the popular hubs for international business expansions. Intercompany Solutions has been helping international companies and entrepreneurs launch their businesses successfully in the Netherlands. Bjorn Wagemakers, the CEO is an expert in the tax and accounting sector. Every consultant in their company has experience of working with more than 1000 companies. 

Establishing a business of any kind from abroad is challenging. Registering company Netherlands is the very first step for investing in a foreign venture. Netherlands company formation and tax laws are known for allowing ease of doing business in the country. Partnering with Intercompany Solutions will make the company registration process a lot smoother. 

Working with business registering companies in the Netherlands allows foreign entrepreneurs to tap the best available opportunities. The country offers a wide range of possibilities for benefiting from tax deductions. Companies will first need to decide on the type of company that they wish to start before moving into the registering process. Foreign entrepreneurs can choose from incorporated and unincorporated business structures. 

The majority of foreign business owners opt for an incorporated business structure, as it limits personal risks to quite an extent. Incorporated business structure types include Ltd & Inc., Public limited & Corp, Association, and Mutual & cooperative insurance society. Unincorporated business structures include sole traders, commercial partnerships, general partnerships, and limited partnerships. 

Intercompany Solutions has an excellent track record and has helped many businesses in registering company Netherlands in a matter of just 5 working days. The consultants will need crucial documents like application forms and business plans to process the registration. After the document verification and authentication, drafts will be prepared for company formation. All the documents will be approved and duly signed by a foreign entrepreneur. 

The incorporation deed is then signed by a notary. The company will get registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, and the tax identification number is allotted to the company. The consultant will also help to open a business bank account and procure the VAT number. The tax office will allocate the VAT number within a couple of weeks.

For registering a company in the Netherlands, there is a need for specific permits for non-EU citizens, according to the Dutch immigration law – The start-up and the self-employed permit. There are certain terms and conditions for obtaining these permits. RVO scores the application based on the applicant’s own experience and goals. 

Internet Solutions has not just helped in registering company Netherlands from abroad. They also assist in mergers & acquisitions, dissolution & liquidation of Dutch companies, tax advice, and other legal services associated with finances. 

They have accreditation from renowned entities like International Fiscal Association, Nederlandse Juristen Vereniging, and International Association Bar. The brand has also made its way in the media like CBC News, The National, Tax news, Wolters Kluwer, and Expat Briefing. 

Their consultants offer free consultation and are experts in German, Dutch, and English. 

Bjorn Wagemakers and his consultant team support non-EU clients even after company formation. It is essential to stay compliant with fluctuating rules and regulations. They have developed good relationships with tax advisors, experienced notaries, payroll tax specialists, specialized lawyers, recruiters, and more. 

Tapping their specialized network can help foreign clients gain the most relevant and accurate information. Intercompany Solutions has made company formation and development in the Netherland easier!

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