Wolftrade – A top-notch crypto exchange traders must know in 2021

Singapore, 23 Oct 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – As cryptocurrency increases in popularity, more crypto exchanges are entering the market. With hundreds of platforms to choose from, finding the right one may feel overwhelming. Security, transparency, and rapid customer support are the most important factors when the traders consider choosing for the exchange. In Wofltrade, all these requirements would be satisfied since the exchange has the top features compared to the various exchanges currently. Ready to learn more about Wofltrade? In this review, you’ll find out about the exchange’s top features as well as how to decide if it’s the right platform for you.

What is Wolftrade?

Wolftrade is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore, launched in 2021. The platform is founded with the goal of giving people the tools they need to quickly and securely invest in cryptocurrency. Wolftrade reports in the statement its mission is to make cryptocurrency more accessible so that people from all walks of life can achieve financial freedom in a short appropriate time.

Wolftrade aims to be a next-generation cryptocurrency trading platform that utilizes and maximizes blockchain capability. Their goal is to become the new international financial ecosystem focusing on customer profits – one of the core values for Wolftrade development.

Who is Wolftrade For?

As one of the most robust trading platforms for cryptocurrency2021, Wolftrade is an attractive option for many investors. The exchange leads to its high liquidity and low fees, allowing users to get competitive prices. 

It also aims to offer next-level features in the future such as the NFT market and integrated the best technology as API to enhance their core efficiency, in order to bring the best experiences for users. Thanks to these advanced features and a tiered fee schedule, Wolftrade is a great option for experienced investors.

Thus, Wolftrade expects to be a suitable exchange for every user, even just a beginner or with high-experiences. With a friendly UXUI design, users only need to take 1 to 2 minutes to set up and start trading. Trading with Wolftrade never could be that easy. 

Furthermore, security is one of the highlights features in Wofltrade since the development team comprehended that all personal information should be treated confidentially. At Wolftrade Exchange, all trades are conducted in a secure and legally protected manner via established procedures, which ensures maximum reliability for the investors and safe financial investments. By using dynamic storage, hot and cold wallet separation, financial security technology protection, multi-signature, etc., to protect users’ assets, Woftrade committed to keeping the exchange secure for the sake of the safety of all customers.

What Does Wolftrade Offer?

Even just a new-launched cryptocurrency exchange, it’s extremely surprising that Wolftrade has some robust features available to investors and will be adding more in the upcoming quarters.


Staking is the best way to maximize traders’ profits by earning rewards on the holding’s portfolio. At Wolftrade, investors can gain high interest when joining the staking program. The users need to lock their WTE (Wolftrade token) and the interest depends on the staking pool and contribution rate in the pool.

Mobile App

As an established exchange with cutting-edge technology, Wolftrade Exchange offers an efficient and convenient mobile app with full functions of a trading system as well as an instant deposit and withdrawal service.

Referral system

At Wolftrade, traders can benefit more profit from an affiliate program by recommending the Wolftrade platform to their community. The more people of referral, the more rewards traders receive (up to 20%). By this feature. Wolftrade also can expand their awareness and influence scale towards the credibility exchange shortly.

Fast trading

One of the main distinguishing features of Wolftrade Exchange is a processing speed of up to 100,000 trades every second and 1,000,000 TCP connections. This service will allow the expression of the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Wolftrade team with over 10-year-experience has built a million-level TPS match engine enabling our users to grasp the opportunity and make quick trades. It will also be the most friendly and fast exchange environment for traders.

The native token of Wolftrade

Wolftrade also releases their native token – WTE (Wolftrade Exchange Token), which is the TRC20 – based token issued and supported by Wolftrade Exchange. WTE was created from the vision to optimize the trading experience and maximize investors’ profits. WTE will be widely used in the entire Wolftrade Exchange ecosystem such as paying for transaction fees, investing in ICO and payments, etc. WTE can also be exchanged or traded for other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, etc.

With this launch of the native token, it consolidates the objectives of Wolftrade on road to one of the best rapidly crypto exchanges in the future. The token allocation of WTE is as follows:

  •  ICO: 20,000,000 
  •  Development fund: 50,000,000
  •  Ecosystem funds: 7,000,000
  •  Advisors & Partners: 7,000,0000
  • Operation Team: 3,000,000
  • Community Airdrop: 3,000,000

How to earn WTE tokens?

There are several methods to own the WTE tokens such as ICO or go through the community marketing campaign such as Airdrop and Bounty. Since the amount accounts for Airdrop and Bounty up to 3,000,000 WTE. For Airdrop, the lucky attendees will get an amount of WTE tokens up to 200 WTE if they do and follow all the requirements of our campaigns. The more people attend, the more reward given to the community. Especially, 100% of the Airdrop token will be released at TGE. For Bounty, there is 3,000,000 WTE distribution for the community through different ways including joining AMA, translating our whitepaper to your native languages, making reviews, etc. Follow Wolftrade on their social media to be updated for their campaign.

The roadmap of Wolftrade

The roadmap is crucial for all the projects since it illustrates a long-term plan of the development team. For the Wolftrade exchange, the roadmap is quite detailed and expressly that the NFT market will be launched soon in Q1-2022. You can refer to the roadmap of Wolftrade below:

1. Quarter 2/2021: Market Research and Strategy

  • Preparing MKT Plan

2.  Quarter 3/2021: Complete White paper/ Proposal and Tokenomics

  • Dev team starts coding
  • Create token Smart contract

3. Quarter 4/2021: 

  •  Issue WTE token.
  • Airdrop round and release
  • Launching ICO and  ICO reference system

4. Quarter 1/2022: Launching a trading platform. Website version online. 

  • Start Mobile App. 
  • Start trading fee mining and revenue distribution
  •  Release Staking
  •  Listing EX platform
  • Release NFTs Market function

The closing thoughts

Wolftrade is considered one of the potential cryptocurrency exchanges on the market in 2021. It offers competitive fees and has several advanced features that traders won’t find on other exchanges. For experienced investors, Wolftrade is concerned to be the best exchange out there in the future. Consider goals for trading crypto to determine if Wolftrade is the right place to buy alternative investments for you.

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