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Supplying the industry’s top window cleaning brands and supplies since 1909, J Racenstein NJ has two automated warehouse locations to provide efficient order shipment and delivery services. With their recent product line announcement, the company now offers EPA registered cleaners and sanitizers, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), and a range of gear and disinfectants to facilitate the safe return of professionals to their office spaces, and the safe and healthy performance of window washing activities.

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Post-pandemic health protocols now allow working professionals to return to their offices. To ensure interior windows and spaces are cleaned and sanitized in accordance with regulations, J Racenstein NJ is introducing a new line of EPA certified products, disinfectants, and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). They’ve also extended their line of scrubbers, pads, vacuums, and high-reaching vacuum poles to produce safe and pristine interior public spaces.

The company’s product categories include towels and chamois, grabbers and nabbers, floor care materials, restroom interior cleaners, dusters and brushes, and more. With the addition of a line of EPA registered cleaners, hand sanitizers and PPE, the company ensures their customers’ companies remain at the forefront of their own segments.

The detergents and disinfectants available at J Racenstein NJ have documented effectiveness against viruses and can protect against COVID-19, HIV-1, HSV-1, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Strep, and MRSA when used according to manufacturer directions.

Ad Bac is an example of an EPA registered cleaning and disinfecting agent that is meant for institutional and commercial use. It protects against cross-contamination and is designed for offices, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and food service facilities.

Similarly, the company’s Clean and Shine product line is a neutral pH, highly concentrated no-rinse disinfectant and deodorizing formulation that is effective on non-porous food contact surfaces.

The company’s Green Seal products include HydrOxi Pro, Grout Smart, and Earth Friendly Window Cleaner concentrate.

J Racenstein is constantly investing in modern and cutting-edge technologies to stay ahead of an always-evolving industry. A spokesperson says, “Our safety experts search the world over to find the best equipment to meet current and upcoming safety standards. We carry the best safety gear and industry-grade solutions for your needs.”

With their recent product line announcement, J Racenstein NJ provides its customers with the PPE, EPA registered solutions, and interior cleaning products needed to properly comply with post-pandemic cleaning protocols.

Visit https://www.jracenstein.com/c/interior-cleaning/c2931 to find out more.

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