Brisbane Body Corporate Expert Strata Management Compliance Services Launch

The official launch marks Stratacare’s opening in Brisbane under Jim O’Hare, who wants to make body corporate management services or strata management more accessible, personable, and client-centred.

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As part of the new service, Stratacare Australia will assist with the day-to-day management and administration of building complexes and help clients navigate the increasingly complicated legislative requirements of modern strata living. Of paramount importance are ensuring compliance with the law, preserving property values, and facilitating peace and harmony within the client’s strata community.

In Australia, strata or strata title is a property ownership type that allows individuals to own sections of a property or parcel of land while sharing ownership of others. At least three million people live in strata-titled properties. According to a report by the Strata Data Office, however, the strata sector has a relatively limited number of strata managers, which represents a significant market opportunity for organisations with full teams of trained and qualified personnel.

Stratacare’s new service aims to increase property value and sustainability while enhancing community living. By-law enforcement is not optional in Queensland, per the QLD Body Corporate Act, and Stratacare, accordingly, focuses on six key areas of governance: administration, financial management, maintenance, advisory services, by-laws and rules, and compliance.

Additional company offerings include Development Consultancy, as well as Maintenance and Compliance. For the former, the Stratacare consultancy team will become a vital part of the development project team during the DA and pre-sales stages, giving support and guidance to secure the best possible outcomes for any particular project.

About the Company

Stratacare Australia is a full-service body corporate management firm headquartered in the Brisbane suburb of Bowen Hills. Jim O’Hare, the company’s Managing Director and Founder, is a certified accountant and seasoned body corporate specialist with over 25 years of experience in Australia and abroad. The company’s team managers all possess or are in the process of earning a Certificate 4 qualification in Body Corporate Management. They are experts in legislation governing registered strata schemes and provide services and advice to a broad portfolio of over 700 buildings and communities in South East Queensland.

“Every action taken or decision made is based around building, maintaining and improving the relationships with our clients,” says a company representative. “While body corporate management often requires effective problem solving and negotiation skills, we apply our values and culture to all dealings with our owners and committees to build strong relationships and achieve positive outcomes.”

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Stratacare Australia
Stratacare Australia
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