Vodra closes $1.3M Pre-Seed round to build compensation platform

Montreal, Canada, 30 Oct 2021, Starting in December 2020, Co-Founders Conner Romanov and Zachary Bys began their endeavor to change the way creators are compensated online.

The pair created Vodra, a creator compensation platform which aims to shift creator compensation from an advertiser-to-creator model, to a direct audience-to-creator one which facilitates greater interaction and monetization opportunities. 

Since its inception, the Vodra team has grown to over 16 members, and has just closed their $1.3 million pre-seed funding round. The round was led by notable blockchain focused investment groups including: Twin Apex Capital, Transform Ventures, CCIX Global, MEXC Global, Reblock Digital, BBS Finance, Tokenova, Aldrin, and Starter Capital.

The closing of the round aligns with Vodra Token ($VDR) launch on October 29th, 7:00AM UTC. $VDR is the ERC20 Vodra Platform token, which will be introducing Polygon/Matic as a layer-two solution in the coming month.

The project has seen significant traction among its target audience, content creators; onboarding pre-launch creators with a combined audience size of over 120 million followers. These creators will be the first cohort to utilize the platform as development continues.

Key partnerships also include an undisclosed grant from Polygon/Matic, a partnership with eSports NFT provider 2Crazy, and Rubic, an integrated DEX aggregator.

In a statement, Vodra CEO-Cofounder Conner Romanov had to say:

We are extremely thankful to have all of our great partners and backers rally around our mission to improve creator compensation. Concept validation from the creators themselves has been especially motivating for the team, and we can’t wait to see how far we can take Vodra.”

$VDR Exchange Listing

On October 29th, 7am UTC, $VDR went live on MEXC.com and on Uniswap. The token is now in circulation and has already hit more than $22 million in volume during the first hours of trading.

The team has expressed their plans to further increase the accessibility of the token by listing on a number of top-tier exchanges. As it currently stands, the ERC20 version of the token is trading on the Ethereum network. There are plans in the coming month to implement Polygon/Matic as a layer-solution, which will reduce transaction fees.

The launch of Vodra’s ERC20 token is also on the back of an all-time high for Ethereum, which crested $4,455.74 USD.

About Vodra

Vodra Token (VDR) is an ERC-20 utility token that is redeemed by content creators based on their audience size. It is the native currency of the Vodra Platform, in which audiences use the token to donate to creators and unlock various utilities. A Polygon Proof-of-Stake bridge provides seamless transfers to the Matic/Polygon blockchain, which means functionality and transactions on the Vodra Platform completely avoid gas fees.

Content creators across all platforms can join Vodra and redeem their audience sizes for VDR. Streamers, vloggers, athletes, musicians, gamers, educators and every other type of creative mind is able to monetize their content with Vodra’s powerful tools and integrations. Creators can now hold a stake in where they receive their compensation from and no longer have to worry about income instability.

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