Realm launches new data-driven Homeowner Resource Library

New York, October, 20, 2021 — Realm, the first centralized data hub for American homeowners, has launched their Homeowner Resource Library to share even more insights that people can use to make smart choices about their largest asset — their home. Realm’s Homeowner Resource Library offers in-depth content that helps homeowners understand how to maintain and improve their home, while maximizing their financial investment.

Founded in 2019 by Liz Young, Realm is the first platform that gives people access to unbiased data about their homes. “Primary homes account for 62% of the average American homeowners’ total assets, and the spending doesn’t stop once they move in,” said Young. “I started Realm after working in commercial real estate tech. The whole time, I was thinking about how crazy it was that homeowners didn’t have access to similar data, even though their homes are their single biggest asset. As I started to personally invest in real estate, it became clear that the information homeowners needed to make smarter home investments was hard to access: either in paper documents at local government offices or in the heads of biased experts.”

Realm’s free dashboard makes this data accessible and easy to use, with insights that highlight opportunities to increase property value through square-foot add-ons, renovations, rental units, and more.

Realm’s Homeowner Resource Library leverages the company’s expertise and proprietary data to help educate homeowners and empower them to make the right decisions for their needs and goals.

The deeply researched articles in the Homeowner Resource Library provide guidance for people at every stage of the homeownership journey. People who are looking to buy can explore articles like, “How much house can I afford?.” The article includes Realm’s home affordability calculator, which people can use to set a budget for their home search. Homeowners considering renovations or upgrades can check out “Home renovation costs” to learn about how labor, materials, permits, and fees impact the cost of their project, as well as how to avoid costly renovation pitfalls. If homeowners are curious about refinancing, “Should I refinance my mortgage?” helps them understand whether refinancing is the right option for them. There’s also a refinancing calculator that lets homeowners easily see the potential financial impact of refinancing.

The Homeowner Resource Library enhances Realm’s already robust value for homeowners. When used with the data-driven digital platform, the Homeowner Resource Library gives people the tools they need to make the most of their homeownership experience.


Realm is a central hub of data-driven insights & advice for homeowners, covering home renovations, project financing, and property potential. They provide free property analysis for 80M single-family properties across the US.


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