ChickenFast — A Unique Hassle-Free Crypto Mining Platform Launched

Hong Kong, ChickenFast, a crypto mining platform is proud to announce its launch.

The ChickenFast platform simplifies cloud mining and provides a highly efficient and reliable service for clients without knowledge or equipment.Users don’t need any special hardware or software or even keep their computer on to do cloud mining.

The business model of ChickenFast is simple. Users make a deposit like any bank and automatically get dividends in bitcoins on their account every day. Rewards are paid at any time, and after 1 year, they will be able to withdraw their initial deposit as well.

Profitability 12% per month of the deposit amount. Profitability is stable and independent of the bitcoin rate. More so, ChickenFast is the most effortless mining process on the market. The most profitable algorithm is automatically selected under the guidance of artificial intelligence. Payments are made daily. Profitability is stable and not affected by changes in the bitcoin rate.

CHK&I patent method

The CHK&I patent method operates in real-time to move processing resources for mining the most lucrative digital currency. The software allows clients to optimize contracts with no hidden costs or commissions.

Monthly profitability is fixed at 12% of the deposit. After a year, one may withdraw the initial deposit.

About ChickenFast

ChickenFast came into existence to make bitcoin mining accessible to virtually anybody. It is a cloud-based crypto-mining pool. The firm was started in 2015 in Hong Kong and now operates data centers all around the globe. ChickenFast aims to lower power costs for more lucrative crypto mining.

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