The Must-Have Silicone Face Exfoliating Brushing High-Class Women Are So Obsessed With

Must Have Silicone Face Exfoliating Brushing for High Class Women

A real game-changer, not hypes.

Houston, Texas Nov 9, 2021 ( – Electric facial cleansing brushes are estimated at $ 28.9 billion globally by the end of 2031, with an annual growth rate of 14.7%, largely due to strong demand for brushes.

With the growing number of people opting for in-salon beauty treatments, commercial electric facial cleansing brushes will be a big part of the overall business. Skin maturation, wrinkles, and skin suppleness are more common in older people, resulting in a growing preference for salon treatments, but they are expensive and unaffordable for most people.

But in January, AEVO Company invented the luxury home facial device that disrupted the market and abruptly announced the release of the AEVO Facial Exfoliating Brush to meet the rising demand for cleansing brushes.

Fans took to social media to ventilate, especially after most brush heads, which should be replaced at least every three months, sold out in less than 24 hours, thanks in part to a 60% discount.

“It’s terrible, especially during a pandemic when people rely on these tools,” said Madonna Huggens, 55, a makeup artist and esthetician in Dallas. Ms Huggens also tweeted her displeasure for fake cleansing brushes.

She first bought a pack of AEVO facial cleansing brush five months ago and has stuck with them because she loves how it removes her makeup and tighten her pores. Ms. Huggens estimates that she’s bought three other products from the company over the past year, including a new Waxing Kit in September.

“I had to start using one just to break the hype,” a New York Times Best-selling author wrote in 2020 before admitting that she was also “quite addicted now”. Finally, the gospel of AEVO Face Exfoliator! Fight acne! Improves the absorption of all your expensive skincare products! Distributed in more than 30 countries.

Why choose AEVO facial scrub

It is a safe and effective all-rounder that cleanses with soft silicone bristles while improving skin tone and creating collagen with LED light. FDA-approved wavelengths of red light reach the top layer of the skin to reverse signs of aging, especially fine lines, and wrinkles. With consistent use and smart addition to every skincare routine, youthful skin is your future.

  • Supercharged sonic cleanse
  • Antibacterial silicone, gentle on sensitive skin
  • FDA Approved blue light acne treatment
  • FDA Approved anti-aging red light treatment

About Geekglamma, AEVO distributor

Geekglamma is a fashion accessory, beauty, and health products retail store with over 10,000 satisfied customers. With our easy shipping and return policy, you can rest assured that you will receive efficient and friendly service when you shop with us.

Our customers may have been surprised, but there were signs that everything was not shining with the previous face brush. If you rub the skin too hard or too hard with anything- a brush, yes, but also a washcloth or even your fingers – you can damage the acid mantle, the protective film of natural oils, acids, amino, and sweat covering your skin.

If you are looking to control oily skin, the AEVO facial brush is the best for cleaning you. And because our customers want something they can tailor to their needs, we’re offering a 60% discount on all online purchases for two weeks.

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Must Have Silicone Face Exfoliating Brushing for High Class Women 1Must Have Silicone Face Exfoliating Brushing

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