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The agency, which is based in Denver, CO, is now providing content marketing campaigns that combine the latest advances in neurobiology with cutting-edge advertising technology to optimize their clients’ user experience.

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Supported by pioneering neurobiological research, Neural Experience (NX) can now generate psychographics that enable people to gain insights into their potential customers’ needs and maximize their retention rates. The custom solutions expert specializes in creating and deploying digital solutions designed to enhance user experience, or more specifically their ‘neural experience’.

By utilizing new research into the links between neurobiology and marketing, the team at NX innovate and customize content on behalf of their clients. Specifically, neuromarketing is concerned with the ways in which advertising and content strategies can generate neural responses in the brain that correlate with customer behaviors.

As such, businesses and organizations can use this data to better adapt their content to their target demographic and optimize their online user experience. NX help businesses command their customers’ attention online and bring in more revenue through their repertoire of expert neuromarketing techniques and tailor-made content campaigns.

These strategies allow companies without large marketing budgets or internal departments to increase their brand awareness among clients who may already be searching for their goods and services. The NX experts can analyze customer buyer behavior in order to integrate specific content and brand campaigns designed to capture their interest.

They estimate that their client companies receive an average return of 180% on every dollar they invest in their marketing services over a six-month period. Their team of strategists and scientists can help foster digital ecosystems that are ideal for organizations interested in using neuromarketing strategies to gain a competitive advantage in their industry.

Since the agency was established in 2012, they have developed over 1000 digital projects, including websites and software platforms. During this time, they have leveraged neurobiological research to execute digital advertising and branding strategies, as well as implementing content through social media and email marketing.

Interested parties can find an online portfolio of NX’s previous work on their website, including case studies showing how they have innovated content for local businesses, medical professionals, and online retailers.

A spokesperson for the company said, “The complete ecosystem of digital marketing services integrated with a tailored neuromarketing strategy to execute your digital campaign that exceeds your customers’ needs and fosters better buying behaviors.”

More information can be found at or by calling +1-720-449-4125.

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