New Hope Island Jazz and Cabaret evening Event for jazz Lovers

Jazz and Cabaret lovers looking for the latest information can register to attend Hope Island Jazz and Cabaret scheduled for 24 th November (07) 52412835

Hope Island jazz and cabaret is sponsoring this year’s event, which will cover key issues such as:

Mega Jazz Event at Blue Water Grill,Hope Island Jazz and Cabaret Wed 24th,6:30pm

Lynn Rogers launches the first event. Make your reservations today ! (07) 52412835 –

Fans of Jazz n Blues music are familiar with the musician, arranger, keyboardist, and Hammond player, Frazer Goodman. He has appeared at the Blues and Jazz on Broadbeach Music Festival, Gold Coast, several times since 2013 and appears regularly throughout the Gold Coast and South East Brisbane.

Frazer Goodman, at the Diggers & Sports Surfers Paradise, hosts a weekly Jazz In Paradise Cabaret Show every Monday and has announced the launch of a new agency, Hope Island Jazz and Cabaret, with Ian Betzel. The new agency will serve as a creative hub for Hope Island on the Gold Coast.

Lynn Rogers, their featured cabaret artist, is a previous two-time Mo Award winner for Best Female Vocalist Entertainer of the Year . The Paradise Boys (part of the Galapagos Duck Band) will be the backing band. Hosted at Blue Water Bar and Grill, a very popular Hope Island restaurant.

Hope Island is considered the ‘North Shore’ of the Gold Coast (Hope Island Resort, Sanctuary Cove, Sovereign Islands, and Ephraim Island). The Agency supports Gold Coast ‘North Shore’ Venues. Giving restaurant bars an enticing view and the opportunity to transform their venue into a jazz and cabaret evening.

We will welcome you to an evening of live music, drinks, food, and fun! Make your reservations today! (07) 52412835

About the company: Hope Island Jazz and Cabaret Gold Coast support Classical Beat Jazz Cabaret & Variety. Partners Frazer Goodman and Ian Betzel, offer you magnificent events which open the venue’s doors to the house of art and music. For more information and to register for Hope Island Jazz & Cabaret, Bluewater Grill, Wednesday 24th November 2021, 6:30 p.m.

When asked about the reasons behind creating this event, the host of the event, Frazer Goodman & Ian Betzel said:

The new agency Hope Island Jazz and Cabaret will serve as a creative hub for Hope Island on the Gold Coast. Jazz and Cabaret evenings will attract jazz enthusiasts.

Frazer Goodman Entertainment
Frazer Goodman Entertainment
24 Orkney Place


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