Tellus Markets announces the launch of Direct PPA – A new solution for Renewable Power Markets

New York City, New York Nov 15, 2021 ( – Tellus Markets, a leading provider of technology solutions for the energy industry, is pleased to announce the launch of its ground-breaking new platform, Direct PPA. Direct PPA connects buyers, developers, operators, sellers, and other participants in the burgeoning renewable PPA market with a unique digital marketplace that brings efficiency and transparency to today’s opaque and walled landscape.

An increasing number of firms are making commitments to reduce and/or offset their carbon emissions, but most don’t know how to achieve those goals. Direct PPA provides both the tools and workflow necessary for commercial entities to achieve their decarbonization goals.

With a strong focus on corporate energy buyers, Direct PPA provides bespoke tools that allow commercial entities to quantify their Scope 2 emissions. Direct PPA then provides a standardized and full online process to identify opportunities in the market, negotiate terms, and complete deals.

For project developers and other sellers, Direct PPA replaces the opaque and cumbersome process with an open and efficient one. Direct PPA provides a systematic and standardized process that can cut transaction times from months to weeks. Along with time and cost savings, Direct PPA offers a fee structure well below current alternatives, providing project developers a more efficient and far less expensive alternative to current methods.

“As the pace of decarbonization increases, companies need concrete methods to meet their ESG goals. Simultaneously, the US renewable power projects backlog has become untenable. Given that PPAs are a crucial part of renewable project finance, resolving the project backlog requires novel solutions to streamline the PPA process. Beyond reducing project backlog, this new PPA process also helps companies meet their decarbonization goals, a true win-win for companies and the planet.

We are excited to launch Direct PPA, a unique digital solution for renewable power markets, and the next chapter in the evolution of Tellus Markets. We have developed relationships with some of the leading market participants, who share our excitement about the product and vision for the future.” Chip Horton, CEO at Tellus Markets.

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