Jurllyshe Ambassador Competition – Pre Black Friday Deals

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The online fashion brand Jurllyshe is holding its first ambassador competition to prepare and welcome the coming Black Friday super deals, gifts and big discounts are for every participant and customer.

New York City, New York Nov 12, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – The fashion retailer Jurllyshe is having their ambassador competition, this is the first time for Jurllyshe to recruit the ambassador in public. The rewards for the winner and for each participant are absolutely valuable.

Besides, the amazing coupon codes and discounts have been already prepared by Jurllyshe for all the customers. For everyone who can’t wait for the Black Friday Deals in the near future, Jurllyshe pre-black Friday deals will also treat you well, all the new arrivals have been put on the list of discounts.

Jurllyshe Ambassador Competition

The competition will end on 9th, by then, there will be top 3 winners, the prizes will be shown in Jurllyshe live show on 11.10 at 9:00 pm. Up to now, Jurllyshe has received more than three hundred applications to take part in the ambassador competition. After several rounds of screening, 50 participants were selected, they need to ask voters for support to win the final prize. Until this article was launched, the position of No. 1 is grabbed by Laurie. X.O, the girl who had 19,750 votes, the second and third ones got 17,286 and 15,453 votes separately. The difference between them is small, it is still suspense that who will be the biggest winner.

Louise Hicks, the events planner of Jurllyshe said: “This ambassador competition is not only for promotion, but the main objective is also to find brand ambassadors for Jurllyshe. With the development of our brand, we are badly in need of some ambassadors who have great influence to promote Jurllyshe and Jurllyshe’s products so that more and more people can know that there is a nice online fashion brand that provides amazing trendy fashion for ladies……” “Of cause the prizes for the winner will be super.” Louis added, “Every day there is a lucky girl who will be picked by us to win a piece of free clothes, and that is the way we thank all the participants for their supporting and hardworking to do canvassing. So let along the prizes for winners.”

Jurllyshe Pre Black Friday Deals

Jurllyshe pre-Black Friday deals will come just behind the ambassador competition on 11.15, the terrific giveaways and coupon codes are as exciting as the prizes of the competition. The reporter has detected the latest promotions of Jurllyshe pre-Black Friday deals.

  • Code: JSblack17

This is the exclusive code for new arrivals, customers can save unconditional 17% for all the new arrivals in Jurllyshe.

  • Tiered coupon codes

Code: JSblack3——save $3, when over $19;

Code: JSblack10——save $10, when over $59;

Code: JSblack20——save $20, when over $109;

Code: JSblack50——save $50, when over $249.

  • Collect cards, win gifts

Customers can play a game of collecting cards in Jurllyshe, when collecting all the cards, they can draw a big prize, for more details please pay attention to the Jurllyshe website.

  • Free shipping for wigs

When ordering any wigs in Jurllyshe, the whole order can get free shipping, and the code: JSblack18 can be used for saving an extra 18% for the wigs.

The champion of the Jurllyshe ambassador competition will come, there may be still changes in the result. The pre-Black Friday deals are also desirable, more and more benefits and fashion apparel are in Jurllyshe. Check www.jurllyshe.com to learn more details.

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