Libra Weekly Organizer Notebook – Zodiac Sign Themed Planner/Journal Launched

The new organizer includes weekly planning pages and is aimed at people born between September 23 and October 22. It has 107 pages and includes journal prompts and headings that are written in English.

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With this newly launched product, people with the Libra star sign will now be able to purchase a notebook that has been tailored to their unique traits and characteristics. The journal has daily planning pages throughout, featuring the days of the week along with adequate space to write a to-do list and record the main tasks and priorities of the day.

The book also includes many facts about Libras, such as their main personality traits. Libras are generally social and outgoing, good listeners, and love to organize. Inside the journal, they will learn about their sign’s astrological history, discover their lucky elements, and find out how they commonly navigate relationships with others.

Libras are often indecisive and the journal can be used as a guide that helps them make decisions and prioritize tasks in everyday life. Interested parties can purchase the planner on Amazon. It’s currently available for $6.93 and comes in paperback. The organizer can be shipped to addresses within the United States.

About The Company

Quan Jewelry makes a wide range of journals and notebooks that are themed around the zodiac and religious faith. They also sell coloring in books, gratitude journals for women, and a 30-day mindfulness notebook that shows customers how to find more meaning and joy in their lives. The company also supplies sentimental jewelry gifts for family and friends.

A spokesperson for the company says, “Libras love to organize things in a beautiful way. They look at what’s trending. This Libra Weekly Organizer will help you get things done in order. The journal also includes fun facts about Libra’s astrological history, character, relationships, and lucky elements that will be a guide in your everyday life. Makes a nice gift for a Libra and/or for yourself.”

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