Pandemic Opens Up Wide Range of Remote Jobs for SSDI/SSI Disability Recipients

My Employment Options (MEO) (, an Employment Network in the free federal Social Security Ticket to Work Program, is pleased to announce a wider-range of Work at Home job opportunities to help those receiving SSDI or SSI disability benefits. The Covid pandemic has changed the landscape of employer expectations about whether employees can Work from Home or must be present at the office. In the past, Work from Home positions were often mainly in customer service or tech support areas. Now, there are many new positions across a variety of industries and career levels that can be filled by those who prefer to stay at home or whose disability makes staying at home necessary.

“Our plentiful job offerings still include wonderful opportunities in customer service and tech support,” said Paula Vieillet, President and CEO of My Employment Options, “However, now we are seeing other jobs in areas such as Sales, IT, Medical, Accounting, Admin, Clerical and more that are streaming in. It’s a very exciting time to be so well positioned to help those on SSDI and SSI benefits to transition back to the workforce in such diverse ways.”

Hourly rates continue to increase for many remote positions and across industries which make remote work even more of an optimal fit for job seekers with disabilities or other challenges.

My Employment Options not only matches SSDI and SSI recipients with suitable jobs, but also provides continued support to those who gain employment over several years. There is no cost to job seekers to receive help via My Employment Options’ services. They are an authorized agency in the free federal SSA Ticket to Work Program and serve 47 states.

Job seekers on SSDI or SSI (ages 18-64) may not realize that they can ‘gradually’ re-enter the workforce and ‘test’ the waters of working. Agencies like My Employment Options, or others in the Ticket to Work Program, provide guidance and support every step of the way.

“I believe huge numbers of people on SSDI and SSI know the extraordinary benefits that working can bring, in regards to self-esteem, mood, energy, and cognitive abilities,” said Ms. Vieillet. “However, at times, they may be hesitant to return to work again because of the fear of losing their SSDI or SSI benefits or medical insurance just because they start working.”

This is where Ticket to Work can help! It is a free program passed by Congress in 2002 to give job seekers on SSDI or SSI (ages 18-64) a choice of providers and complete support in returning to work. There are built in work incentives and safety nets that help protect disability benefits and Medicare or Medicaid.

My Employment Options is able to work directly with qualified clients on SSDI or SSI virtually to guide them in helping meet their employment goals, in remote or local employment.

Vieillet also notes, “This is the best government program out there! It truly changes lives every day! It allows job seekers on SSDI or SSI to not have to go about it alone and have moral support and guidance. We don’t just help our clients find a job – we help them find suitable employment and can keep in touch with them and guide them for up to 6 years. Many of our staff have also been on SSDI or SSI in the Ticket to Work Program and have a disability, so they relate to our clients in a unique and personal way.”

My Employment Options
My Employment Options
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