York Full Loft Conversion Specialist – Bespoke Design/Build Service Updated

As a top-rated loft design company in York, Loft My Pad have updated their service capabilities and work with a wide range of bespoke furniture craftsmen and trusted professionals to deliver a premium home development service. They are a design and build company with 30 years of experience and offer in-house architecture consultations as part of their bespoke service.

More information about the company and the bespoke service they offer can be found at https://loftmypad.co.uk

Loft My Pad specialise in innovative loft conversion design and are now able to manage home improvement projects for clients through every step of the process. Their wealth of experience and depth of knowledge ensures a quality result with on-time construction.

Loft My Pad are experts in the creation of extra habitable space within the original dimensions of a house. A well-designed loft conversion adds value and space to any home. Planning the basics is essential to any loft conversion project, paying particular attention to layout, staircases and windows. The York builders ensure that every loft conversion meets building regulations and is performed with all requisite planning permissions.

Every loft is different, but almost all can be converted into a habitable living space with careful attention to structural and aesthetic elements, intelligent design, and meticulous planning.

Loft My Pad will be able to assist homeowners through the entire conversion process, from the initial consultation and quotation to carrying out the building work and completion. Their expert architects can produce custom plans for a client’s approval and all work is based on a mutually agreed schedule of work.

In addition to their specialist loft conversion service, Loft My Pad offers a full range of home renovation services and can offer advice and planning for kitchen and bathroom redesign, bespoke furniture, and home extensions.

Loft My Pad have offices in York and can be contacted via their website: https://loftmypad.co.uk/contact-us

A satisfied Loft My Pad customer has said: “Loft My Pad have been absolutely amazing, they said the project would take 4 weeks and the workmen finished bang on time.”

More information about Loft My Pad and the bespoke design and building service they offer can be found here: https://loftmypad.co.uk/loft-conversions

Loft My Pad
Loft My Pad

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