BTC News Site Releases Report On November 2021 DeFi Platforms Security Updates

Entitled, “The Advantages Of Cryptocurrency”, the new report by “Cryptocurrency and You” introduces the concept of blockchain technology and decentralized platforms. Readers are informed of the three main benefits of the cryptocurrency market: security, accessibility, and speed.

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The newly published report explains that despite its initial introduction to the dark web, cryptocurrency is rapidly becoming accepted as a viable payment channel. The term, which refers to a type of digital currency, uses native tokens that are traded for real-life products or services.

Experts note that the concept is similar to the tokens exchanged in casinos. People exchange real money for tokens which are then used to purchase a product; except for cryptocurrency, all trades are made within a decentralized platform powered by blockchain technology.

Unlike regular marketplaces that have a single regulatory body, the decentralized aspect of cryptocurrency allows all users to edit and view all transactions in real-time. This complete transparency is what had made cryptocurrency so popular, experts say, as there is a reduced chance of fraud or hacking – everyone is accountable for each other’s actions.

This was explained in the initial whitepapers of cryptocurrencies, with its starting founders emphasizing a need for a currency that gives power back to the public. Today, all cryptocurrency trades are made almost immediately, with no middle-man or regulatory body lengthening the process. Instead, transactions are validated through different smart contracts such as proof-of-work or proof-of-stake, where users have to “prove” their intention of wanting to trade.

The new report says that this approach to trading has made cryptocurrency more affordable to trade since retailers save on processing costs and consumers do not pay additional taxes. “Cryptocurrency and You” likewise speculates that as cryptocurrency becomes more popular, the buy-in prices would lower, further reducing any hesitancy of the layperson to try their hand in this new financial market.

To date, the cryptocurrency industry is a multi-billion-dollar market that is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.8% from 2021 to 2030.

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