Longmont CO No-Obligation/No Cost Dental Exam – Oral Health Care Services Launch

The local dentistry office is now providing complimentary oral exams, helping people diagnose conditions in their teeth and gums that may need further treatment. Interested parties can schedule their appointment with the professional team online.

More information is available at https://hoverdental.com

New patients at Hover Dental can inform their practitioners of any relevant medical history, including past bridges, implants and fillings, through a quick questionnaire. They then begin with a visual inspection of the teeth and mouth to check for unidentified signs of gum disease and cavities. Their dental charting process can highlight missing or damaged teeth that need to be repaired or replaced for optimal oral health.

The local office’s state of the art x-ray equipment enables dentists to see issues that may not be obvious on visual inspection, providing an insight into each tooth’s interior condition. They use digital x-ray technology that emits 20% less radiation than traditional methods while creating a detailed picture of the mouth, teeth, and jaw.

Upon completion of the examination, Hover Dental’s practitioners can recommend measures based on the condition of their patient’s teeth. They can create customized dental wellness plans to address existing issues, and can prescribe cleanings and procedures for long-term oral health.

Moreover, the local Longmont dentistry center offers comprehensive services for children, teenagers, and adults, including cosmetic and restorative procedures. They have been operating locally since 2006 and are dedicated to providing dynamic dental solutions.

In addition to their new, no-cost examinations, they offer a range of services such as dental implants, teeth restoration, and cosmetic procedures. Their team of qualified dentistry professionals are equipped to perform extractions and treatments for gum disease. They are endorsed by the CDA (Colorado Dental Association) and accept insurance policies from a number of providers, including Aetna, Humana, Cigna, and United Healthcare.

A spokesperson for the company said, “We pride ourselves on finding comprehensive solutions to any issues you may have, and we want to make sure every dental condition you may have is brought to light.”

More information can be found by visiting https://hoverdental.com or by calling +1-303-684-9777.

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Hover Dental Group
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