SBI Ether mobile digital investment, creating a new blue ocean in the universe

In 2008, the concept of blockchain was born. It will construct a new organizational form with decentralization, information sharing, and consensus. It is a social revolution that redefines the collaborative relationship between everyone and all organizations.

Blockchain technology will illuminate the prospects of economic growth for mankind-therefore, based on the evolution of the consensus mechanism of encrypted digital currency, SBI will use DAO drive and AI technology to manage the rule set, and give full play to the efficient and transparent decentralized system It can realize the credible circulation of assets on different chains and fully serve users who use the SBI financial system.

SBI is based on a mature fund pool automatic market-making algorithm, and realizes the exchange of digital currencies, as well as various mining mechanisms such as liquidity mining and transaction mining. It will deposit or deposit as required through DeFi products with mining mechanisms. Lend designated token assets to provide liquidity for the product’s fund pool and obtain income.

With the rapid development of the blockchain industry and the steady progress of the underlying technology, an independent ecology based on the public chain has gradually formed, and a series of data and value islands have been spawned. SBI liquidity mining allows more Of users have a low threshold to enter the field of digital asset investment., Injecting liquidity into different projects, in essence, also in the dimension of decentralization, effectively linking value islands, accelerating the frequency of value exchange, and ultimately promoting price discovery.

SBI will open a new platform for co-creation, sharing, consensus, and win-win, continuously improve the application and management capabilities of digital currency, provide investors and users with a good investment and application environment, and promote the virtuous circular development of digital assets