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The updated service now allows patients to receive muscular alignment therapy and a specialized course of treatment for spinal and neck muscles damaged by prolonged standing or bad posture. Stress Solutions focuses on the spine specifically as it is the core of the body, and misalignment can result in painful consequences in other anatomical regions.

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Stress Solutions is offering this service as an extension of their already comprehensive body realignment procedures, which focus on muscular tension and stress-based injuries. Their services can help those suffering from occupational and repetitive misalignment through a series of gentle, comprehensive therapeutic treatments.

A recently conducted survey found that nearly one-third of people reported that they found themselves affected by extreme stress, with as many as 3 out of 4 reporting physical effects from everyday stress. Prolonged stress-related tension in the neck, back, and spine can result in permanent and debilitating pain, even in younger patients.

Matthew Brownell, the head physician at Stress Solutions, has designed a course of treatment that targets specific muscle groups and provides much-needed pain relief to his patients. His new treatments focus on the muscles around the spine which, following examination, can be realigned through remedial therapy.

Brownell’s practice offers solutions which may be helpful to those considering surgical correction options for deep muscular dysfunction, offering a gentler and noninvasive alternative to these procedures. By strategically placing pressure on areas of the head and neck, Stress Solutions’ therapists can correct long-term damage and even improve posture.

Stress Solutions also provides hybrid emotional-physical therapy in the form of EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique. During this treatment, patients will be assisted in overcoming emotional distress while also undergoing acupressure treatment which, combined, can help alleviate mental and bodily blockages.

Matthew Brownell has spent the last 30 years developing his healing techniques and has helped thousands of patients overcome their stress-related injuries. He comes from a family of physical therapists and has devoted his life to mastering the many treatments that he specializes in or has designed himself.

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