St Clair Shores MI Misdemeanor Expungement Defense Attorney Services Launched

With this announcement, criminal defense Attorney Frances Murphy will now support clients who are looking for legal advice about the expungement of misdemeanor marijuana convictions. She has studied recent expungement law changes and is up-to-date on all relevant legislation valid from 2021 through 2023.

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The launch comes in response to recent changes to drug laws in the state of Michigan and the decriminalization of some substances. Prior misdemeanor convictions for now decriminalized substances could be available for expungement.

Misdemeanor convictions for minor crimes can follow the convicted around. These small crimes appear in background checks and can prevent someone from choosing where they work. One might be prevented from working around money or protective services. The ability to secure loans and financing can be severely affected by misdemeanors appearing on background checks.

Fran Murphy Law is familiar with navigating the expungement process and advises clients about the latest updates about their cases. The team highlighted the announcement that the expungement of misdemeanor marijuana convictions could be filed beginning on the 11th of April, 2021, with the ability to set aside first-time operating while impaired offenses began on the 19th of February, 2022. Automatic expungement law is not expected to be applicable before 2023.

Expungement attained through the services of Fran Murphy Law removes the crime from the record of the convicted. The misdemeanor will be “set aside” such that it does not appear in background checks and is erased on the public record.

Expungements are only available for certain minor crimes and several factors and conditions must be met to qualify. There have been many changes to the expungement laws in recent years, as well as changes to criminal laws. New expungements are continuing to be updated and released.

About Fran Murphy Law:

Fran Murphy Law was established in 2019 and specializes in criminal defense and personal injury law. Principal Attorney Frances Murphy is an experienced litigator in the practice of complex civil and criminal law. She is an alumnus of Michigan State University and the Wayne State University Law School.

With this launch, Fran Murphy Law continues to provide the St. Clair Shores and southeast Michigan communities with legal services that uphold their rights.

According to a spokesperson for the firm, “Our practice has defended hundreds of people in cases that range from traffic tickets to firearms charges, domestic violence to drug offenses and many more. Our office specializes in defense of those who need it most.”

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Fran Murphy Law PLC

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