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The new site features stories that explore the NFT market and the emerging market for tokenized music and other audio projects in the crypto space. Many of these transactions are powered by the native token of the Audius platform, which is a space where musicians can mint their music as exclusive NFTs, even without being signed to a label.

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The site has been launched to bring tokenized music to the forefront of the conversation and contextualize these new products within the broader crypto ecosystem. Their articles focus not only on new projects but also on the NFT market as a whole, with coverage on prominent legacy names such as Decentraland featured on their main page.

Music is one of the industries where there is a very strong case to be made for NFT integration, as there are a wide range of possible use cases. Some artists have already used NFTs to represent digital merchandise for use in Metaverse spaces, while others have launched projects that allow their audience to invest in their music by purchasing a share of the royalties on a given song through the use of smart contracts.

Audius, the main focus of the AudiusEars site, has become a hub for NFT music projects, which is why they have chosen to cover the development of the site so closely. The platform features music as well as podcasting content by popular and upcoming artists such as deadmau5 and The Stafford Brothers.

AudiusEars also tracks the movement of the $AUDIO token, which has been designed to give artists the freedom to invest in the platform and participate in governance votes. The platform is entirely controlled by its users, which makes it a key part of the ecosystem and an exciting prospect for investors who believe in the future of crypto music.

The site’s articles are regularly updated with new developments in the industry that can help any investor stay on top of the rapidly shifting nature of the blockchain. Investors will find everything they need to know about the Audius project on the site alongside other promising developments in the decentralized music industry. Learn more at

Their team is composed of cryptocurrency veterans who carefully track and report on the hottest new stories coming out of the DeFi community. They seek to create a source of unbiased information for crypto enthusiasts who may be exhausted by the overwhelming amount of unreliable information out there.

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