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Earlier the fastest blockchain platform; TechPay has teamed up with Lbank Exchange, an international crypto-asset trading platform, to provide a broader range of crypto-currencies. “The world’s fastest blockchain, dubbed ‘Photon,’ was launched shortly and executed over 300,000 transactions in a split second.
One of the world’s leading exchanges for the trade of crypto-assets has joined forces with TechPay, a new open-source blockchain platform. This top cryptocurrency exchange which has listed TechPay now is known as the MEXC exchange. TechPay has also deployed ‘Photon,’ the fastest blockchain globally, which executed more than 300,000 transactions in a split second.
Each of the TechPay users is highly satisfied with the services being delivered by the fastest blockchain. TechPay is a system that guarantees decentralized cryptographic transactions and scalability while also providing complete security proof.

TechPay listing on MEXC
With the addition of the MEXC market, TechPay is now listed on an additional exchange, the third exchange after Lbank, Pancake Swap on which TechPay is now being listed. It was founded in 2018 and used the latest high-performance mega-transaction matching technology to operate as a centralized exchange. Industry experts manage the CEX platform with vast knowledge of the financial sector and blockchain technology.
Authentic P2P/OTC systems like MEXC Global P2P Marketplace provide easy crypto transactions between two customers. It’s up to each party to choose a payment method that works best for them and finish the trade in their currency. MEXC and TechPay will eventually bring new modes of business and easy investment opportunities for investors. Time is not so far when investors’ investment will be quadrupled in terms of profits with TechPay.

Implications of TechPay working with MEXC
This implies that our P2P trading platform is complete with offers from all corners of the globe. Thanks to the fact that MEXC Global supports more than 7 million traders from over 200 countries and numerous languages, currencies, and payment ways.
MEXC P2P is a safe method to acquire cryptocurrency, and we’ll explain why in this post.
Extra charges might be a hassle, particularly if they’re for a significant amount of money. There are several advantages to using a P2P network that caters to the needs of its users. Trading P2P with MEXC P2P will be free of any expenses! It’s possible to monitor live withdrawal fees here. TechPay has the exclusive benefit of the lowest transaction fee in crypto trading. TechPay along with MEXC will be a new revolution in the world of blockchain technology.
TechPay has constructed the quickest blockchain in existence when it comes to real-time transactions. Direct acyclic graph (DAG) technology is backed by the blockchain and it is used by the telecommunications, financial, and logistics industries to support such a currency. Whoever believes in quality performance should join the digital transaction revolution with TechPay. At an unprecedented rate, the world is hurtling toward this transformation. Your time has also come to shift towards this top blockchain.

Easy Investment Opportunities
Lbank ($53,617) is the leading exchange where Techpay was traded. Three months ago, Techpay reached a record high of $0.858775. Over the last 24 hours, Techpay has had 100% transparent volume and traded on only one active market, with its most giant volume trading pair being USDT ($53,617).
For all types of digital payments, it has become the go-to platform. Transactions are carried out more efficiently for a more interconnected future as a full-service blockchain solution. The well-known crypto platform also aims to elevate people’s living standards by bringing them closer to the newest technological breakthroughs.
TechPay Network Management Solutions has its users’ backs, no matter how big or little they may be.

As a result of this network, developers are more likely to submit original pull requests and make code modifications. Based on the demands, they will be able to find some fantastic partnerships. Now its listing on the MEXC is going to bring a new digital revolution and amazing investment opportunities for investors. So whether you’re a student or a millionaire, it’s time to shift towards the future of cryptocurrency – TechPay with MEXC.

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