Oklahoma City Men’s Custom Fitted Italian Suits | Luxury Business Wear Launched

The update serves to improve local access in Oklahoma City to made-to-measure Italian-style suits and tuxedos for work, weddings, and other formal events. Armadura Custom Wear specializes in the creation of prestigious fitted suits of fully Italian origin, offering an extensive range of quality trousers, shirts, vests, overcoats, and ties.

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As designed by experienced Italian suit specialist Leonel R Chavarria, the new updates supplement the company’s custom-fitted, bespoke varieties alongside double-breasted types. Having learned his trade under the tutelage of long-established designers, Chavarria strives to continuously provide the Oklahoma City community with premium suits that stand the test of time.

The Oklahoma City fashionistas have no qualms in declaring Italian suits to be the golden standard in luxury men’s attire. They stress that high-end products, such as their own line of made-to-measure suits, offer unparalleled showcases in luxury appeal.

Accordingly, wearers will benefit from the premium fabrics that comprise Armadura Custom Wear’s Italian suit range. The company works exclusively with fabric brands such as StylBiella and Drago, among others. This ensures that its suits are sourced from natural, expertly-woven materials – delivering optimal durability and aesthetic appeal.

Oklahoma City customers can schedule fittings for their custom suits at the company’s official website. Beginning by taking comprehensive measurements, Armadura Custom Wear tailors all designs in line with each customer’s unique dimensions. The final product is a comfortable, fitted outfit specially made for individuals – and as such, one that cannot be found elsewhere.

Per customer requests, Armadura Custom Wear is equipped to design suits with standout additions ranging from luxury buttonholes and breast or ticket pockets to a varied array of lapels.

A spokesperson emphasized the company’s pride in its suits, saying: “As a man of luxury and style, you want to know that the clothing you’re wearing is made of the highest quality materials by a perfectionist tailor. At Armadura Custom Wear, our Italian-trained designer brings that passion and perfection to every suit he creates.”

Interested parties in and around Oklahoma City are invited to visit https://italiancustomsuits.com to learn more about Armadura Custom Wear and its line of custom-made Italian suits for men.

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