Winter Haven, FL Outsourced File Management | Business Support Services Launched

The new services can help outsource time-consuming, tedious tasks so that businesses can get back to important big-picture operations. SOS can save time by creating schedules and doing administrative work in the background during the normal day-to-day operations of any business.

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Specialized Office Support has expanded their services to Winter Haven to help businesses in the area deal with the often overwhelming task of file management without worrying about hiring new personnel. Their highly trained staff will act as a virtual assistant and can easily handle a wide range of data storage interfaces.

While outsourcing can never replace the core of a business’s workforce, studies show that commissioning per-project outsourced labor can save up to 15% on production costs. Businesses who outsource do not have to undergo the costly hiring process for temporary positions, nor do they waste time reassigning personnel to other projects when the work is done.

The administrative help at SOS can drastically reduce the time it takes to establish a new project by establishing data infrastructure and managing schedules so that the internal team can handle other duties. By eliminating the tedium involved in data management, businesses are likely to see a boost in internal morale as well.

Specialized Office Support specializes in discreetly handling sensitive financial data and other internal affairs in a way that puts the business first. Their finance professionals can create spreadsheets and reports that will succinctly and efficiently communicate financial data in a cost-effective way.

Additionally, SOS can provide virtual assist services for communications, live event support, and much more. They also offer a custom per-project package that allows businesses to detail their exact needs so they never have to pay for unwanted extras.

Businesses can commission labor through SOS on a monthly, yearly, or ad hoc basis, with other more targeted packages available as needed.

Specialized Office Solutions is committed to providing effective help to make the lives of all employees easier, and to make any business more effective. Their goal is to help professionals in the Winter Haven area get back to what is important by allowing them to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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