Saskatoon SK Auto Repair Shop Rating/Cost Estimate Comparison Platform Expanded

With the return of summer, many Canadian drivers are looking to have their vehicles tuned up, repaired, or looked over, before the beginning of the road trip season. The expanded comparison service from Auto Fix Buddy allows drivers to find all the mechanics in their area and compare them in a variety of different ways.

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While it is easy to find a repair shop with a simple online search, Auto Fix Buddy offers a new and simplified way to compare local shops based on their prices, specialties, and customer reviews. There is no cost to use the service, and it is available for clients throughout Canada and much of the United States.

For more detailed quotes, clients can enter the make, model, and year of their vehicle, to receive in-depth information about the repairs available in their area and their estimated costs. Appointments can be booked online through the service, and payment can be arranged for when the vehicle is picked up.

Auto Fix Buddy currently has over 1,700 repair shops in their listing, with more mechanics joining the service every day. The list can be arranged by average customer review, cost estimates, location, or the type of work required, making it easier for clients to find a shop that fits their needs, whatever they might be.

The company also produces blog articles that can be helpful to drivers in need of repairs. They cover topics such as what to look for when choosing an auto repair shop, what to do if a car has failed an auto inspection, and the top repair shops in different locations.

Auto repair shops that are not listed with Auto Fix Buddy can also register through their website and use their automated booking service. There is no cost to join, though the company offers additional advertising options for a fee.

A spokesperson for the company said, “We’re North America’s # 1 automotive needs comparison site, giving motorists a fast, easy, and transparent way to search for garages, compare and book in their area, based on an hourly rate, distance, availability, freebies, and convenience.”

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