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The latest updates provide children with an educational system that values building each child’s self-confidence and empowering them, alongside teaching them fundamental learning building blocks that will carry them through to later education.

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EYES Child Care’s announcement is geared toward students in the Greater Toronto Area, offering parents the option to choose a childcare centre that offers care and support for their child’s social development in addition to classic education.

EYES, which stands for Early Years Education System, takes the approach that children are more than just children – they will grow up to be adults, and as such should be well-rounded and treated as individual people from an early age. To help turn kids into upstanding, capable and generous citizens, the program takes a balanced approach to education, creating a warm and supportive environment that’s family-oriented and pays as much attention to social and emotional needs as it does educational ones.

Nurturing self-esteem and respect as they go, the teachers at the centre encourage children to develop their own interests as they learn and discover new things. EYES keeps the traditional education curriculum in mind whilst giving children the freedom to grow, and pays particular attention to the individual learning styles of each child in their care in order to adapt their learning so it works for them.

As with most early years education centres, the core subjects at the heart of it all are retained, and students study mathematics, science, literacy and languages as one might expect. However, the teaching techniques the centre takes are more active learning in style and discussion-based – which helps children to engage on their own and think more independently about the topics.

In addition to basic subjects, children are also given the time to develop on their own and allowed to self-regulate according to their need for rest and their need for activity. The EYES curriculum also focuses on encouraging critical thinking in students and provides time for creative pursuits, arts and crafts, singing, sports, and even yoga and meditation as part of children’s daily routines.

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