Avantra on SAP Cloud Security and How a Strong Defence Is the First Step

In a blog post published today, Avantra provided additional information regarding SAP cloud security. As the use of public clouds for these environments grows, so does the concern over SAP cloud security, according to the post’s introduction.

These hyperscalers all have teams of individuals working around the clock to ensure the security of their solutions. Additionally, third-party cybersecurity solutions are frequently employed to ensure the safety and security of these environments. A strong network or cloud environment defence is only the first step in keeping your SAP systems inaccessible to intruders.

Regarding SAP security and appropriate migration techniques: It was mentioned in an Avantras blog post that many of the security topics below may be set and secured in your on-premises environment. To complete the migration, however, it will be necessary to open/unlock/expose certain security aspects of the environment. If you are beginning a greenfield or brand-new installation in the cloud, it is essential to comprehend these components.

The majority of SAP technical security measures that occur outside of cybersecurity are exposed during installation or migration projects. Consequently, they can be overlooked or forgotten until it is too late. A good technical SAP audit should help identify these vulnerabilities, but as we all know, it is not best practice to wait for an audit to inform you of your security flaws.

Lastly, Avantras’s post explains how to enhance SAP cloud security, highlighting the fact that SAP security in the public cloud does not necessarily mean that your system is immune to vulnerabilities or attacks in its environment. The hyperscalers and third-party solutions continually update their toolkits to ensure that their systems are impenetrable.

It is crucial not to rely solely on hyperscalers and cybersecurity solutions to thwart security threats. Similarly to how they would be managed on-premises, the SAP environment and database must be continuously monitored and updated; Avantra can assist with this.

Uneasy regarding SAP solution security? Avantra’s next-generation platform identifies and resolves issues before they occur, allowing you to lean into a better business experience with the assurance that your SAP landscape is sound, stable, and secure.

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