Active Shooter Event Survival Training | Terrorist Attack Response Course Update

Recent data suggests that in 2022 alone, there have been around 120 active shooter cases in the United States. With experts warning of more terrorist attacks in the country by the end of this year, it has become all the more important that people know how to respond to an active shooting event. Addressing this concern, ALIVE Active Shooter improves on its popular 2-hour online survival training program.

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The updated program teaches students the 5 key aspects that people should do during an active shooting scenario. These are Assess the situation, Leave when possible, Impede the attacker, prevent further Violence, and Expose the crime to law enforcement. Each of these actions, though not necessarily done in order, are critical to a person surviving a terrorist event.

The 2-hour online active survival training is taught by Michael Julian, CPI PPS CSP who began his career in investigation and security at the tender age of 16. Since then, he has trained extensively in surveillance operations and security services. He created ALIVE to help fellow Americans survive a life-threatening event.

The updated course includes new information on dealing with different types of attackers. Different active shooters have various motivations for their crimes. It is important that people learn how to “read” the shooter to know how to act during the situation. This is part of the first step of Assessing the situation.

Julian offers three other courses: The 1-hour accelerated course, the extended 3-hour course, and the annual 20-minute refresher training. Those who do not know which one is meant for them can contact Julian directly through his website.

A satisfied client wrote, “The A.L.I.V.E. training is the best training I’ve ever had. It takes you step by step through some very difficult and disturbing situations, but breaks them down into important lessons.”

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