B2C Feed Technology Innovation Snapshot | Customer Engagement Strategy Report

In their latest study, Relay Networks outlines customers’ increasing preferences to interact with a business through feeds rather than website portals and apps, while also identifying what type of content best suits this engagement method.

More information is available at https://www.relaynetwork.com/resources/increased-frequency-decreased-relevance-led-to-double-digit-customer-opt-outs-2

Unlike the first phase of digital transformation that mostly targeted younger demographics, the post-COVID era has made digital natives out of nearly all Americans. These digital natives have become more accustomed to scrolling social and news feeds while browsing online than reading website pages or lengthy articles. Furthermore, feeds constantly evolve to suit their personal preferences and interests. Relay Network’s report offers business owners insight into how they can adopt this feed-style of browsing into their own online marketing strategies.

Readers of the report will learn why customers more meaningfully interact with feeds than they do with web portals and mobile apps, with particular consideration on both engagement and conversion rates. Through the company’s research, they’ve discovered that engagement and interaction are tied to the relevance and meaningfulness of content.

As the report reveals, this understanding of providing personalized and relevant content to customers means businesses that utilize customized online feeds are better equipped to meaningfully engage customers, thus maximizing customer lifetime value. Additionally, by using this strategy, businesses should expect to see an increase in enrollment as customers share their experiences and promote brand loyalty.

As a digital engagement platform, Relay Network offers its clients the ability to integrate customer feeds that can be mapped to every desired business outcome. This business feed technology includes creating content that directly engages customers in high-value experiences such as onboarding, product education, relationship building, servicing, billing, cross-selling, and renewals.

Businesses looking to start improving their customer engagement can book a free demonstration with one of the company’s team through a sign-up page found on their website. The site also features several reports and articles that give readers the opportunity to gain insights into the best practices for developing effective customer experiences.

A spokesperson for Relay Network said, “Our clients deliver the most meaningful customer engagement with the right experiences that drive the highest rate of business outcomes, via a 1:1 personal feed that their customers love.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.relaynetwork.com/resources/increased-frequency-decreased-relevance-led-to-double-digit-customer-opt-outs-2

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