Bridal Engagement Rings | AI Diamond Grading For BGM/Light Performance Launched

Rare & Forever lives up to its name of supplying only the highest-quality natural diamonds for its customers. That is why it screens for brown, green, or milky (BGM) qualities in all the diamonds it offers. The company explains why there are other factors that play into the whiteness of a diamond other than its color.

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Rare & Forever(R) revisits its rare screening process that goes beyond the 4 Cs (Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat) to provide rare natural diamonds that last forever. Aside from screening diamonds according to their color, it also ensures that all its white diamonds are clear and fall under the highest range in “SI” and “I” clarity. Rare & Forever(R) says that online diamond buying can sometimes shock customers by what they receive. Not all “SI” and “I” clarity diamonds are created equal. There are many online sellers that misinterpret the grade of diamonds, so buyers must exert caution when purchasing their diamonds online.

The next “C” is Cut, which matters more than people think. Even if they have the best of the best when it comes to the color or clarity, if they do not have a Very Good or above cut, it will still look like a dull diamond. Rare & Forever evaluates all its diamonds for light performance to ensure maximum fire and sparkle for all its gems.

The last “C” is the Carat. The company recommends not buying a diamond based on its carat weight but on its overall beauty. This is because the way a diamond is polished can directly influence its face-up look.

Rare & Forever says that there is a fifth “C” in its diamond grading, which is Community. The brand has sought out various partnerships with different non-profit organizations that align with its core values. A percentage of all its sales go to benefitting local and global communities.

Rare & Forever operates nationwide. Those who want to find the nearest partner to them are encouraged to visit the company website.

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