Family Literacy Software | Immigrant English Language Learning Report Launched

The new piece analyses the use of family learning software in one migrant education center. Previously, the center struggled with poor client motivation and attendance rates. Using the company’s unique family literacy solution, the center transitioned from in-person learning to a hybrid model.

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As the new report points out, The Family Learning Company’s software was pivotal in the success of the hybrid learning program. The ability to learn at home, combined with the software’s inclusion of all family members, has led to much greater outcomes for all involved.

According to, the US is home to over 48 million immigrants, accounting for 14.6% of the total population. Considering many migrants come from non-native English backgrounds, English literacy programs play an important role in helping new arrivals integrate into US society.

The Family Learning Company’s latest piece explains that migrant education centers face several challenges. Changing commitments, relocation, or a simple lack of motivation all contribute to high drop-out rates. One Michigan-based center took a new approach. Using the company’s family literacy software, it was able to adopt a hybrid learning model which allowed families to improve their English at home.

Indeed, the center has now adjusted most aspects of its operation to the online market. The report outlines a number of significant outcomes. In the first instance, student retention rates are much higher than before. Additionally, the family-based nature of the software is driving greater participation among all age groups. The net result is that student English literacy improves more quickly.

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Catering to both children and adults, The Family Learning Company’s software offers unique, multi-generational content designed to improve literacy for pre-K, elementary school, middle school, high school, and mature learners. Family members can set goals to achieve and monitor one another’s progress, making it a more interactive and group-oriented experience.

A company representative stated: “For software to be family learning software it must include activities designed for children and activities designed for adults. This is exactly what Family Literacy Software does.”

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