EDC Ergonomic Damasteel Pocket Knife Loveless-Style Blade Model Released

These new knives give off a subtle sheen and are available with various inlay options, including raindrop copper, Mokuti, fat carbon marble, brain coral, mars valley, purple haze, textured titanium, and winter storm.

More information is available at https://liongmah.com

With this latest announcement, Liong Mah Design is providing customers with a flagship model featuring a 3.75-inch Loveless-style blade and a Damascus steel finish.

American knife maker Bob Loveless popularized the hollow ground drop point blade utilized by Liong Mah Design to create model 18. It uses full tapered tangs and screw-type handle scale fasteners for long-lasting, efficient cutting. The knives are made with Damasteel, a Swedish method of making Damascus steel in which the blacksmith welds and presses two types of steel into 100 or more layers to create a pattern that permeates through the entire blade.

The ergonomic product was designed for feel and function, making the knife comfortable to hold and use. This allows for multiple grip options and is suitable for a range of uses such as everyday tasks, outdoor activities, or fine cutting.

Model 18’s Crucible S90V steel blade ensures a precise and super-keen edge for uniquely sharp cutting. It is protected with a coating process known as edge retention that shields the blade from corrosion or rusting.

While the blade is stain-resistant, Liong Mah Design provides cleaning advice for customers to keep their knives in good condition. To maintain this model’s shine and handle structure, all that is needed is water and light soap. More information about the latest model is available at https://liongmah.com/new-model-18-release-the-better-grip

Liong Mah Design has a wide range of other EDC pocket knives available, including the compact field duty model, the traditional hawk knife, and the smaller travel option of the clip point model. The company was started in New York by chef Liong Mah and is the result of 19 years of knife appreciation and design.

Liong Mah says, “I consistently ask myself what I could bring to the table. What designs can I pioneer and how can I push the envelope with respect to aesthetics, functionality, and feel while still staying true to the art?”

Interested readers can find out more and order the EDC model 18 at https://liongmah.com/product-category/model-18

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