Car Headrest Trash Bags – Leak/Odor Proof Eco-Friendly Design Updated

Tossits new design offers a sturdier trash bag with more options for placement in a vehicle due to a longer bungee cord feature. The product’s new, larger size holds more trash while maintaining the same details that customers appreciated with the original design.

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Tossits can be used in any vehicle. They are designed to hang on either the front or back of the headrest. The updated trash bags are even more effective in keeping a car clean and odor-free. The launch exemplifies the company’s commitment to providing a way to keep vehicles clean while reducing the likelihood of improperly disposed-of trash.

According to the Keep America Beautiful organization, 90% of Americans agree that litter is a problem in their communities. Over half a billion pounds of litter has been picked up over the past ten years and approximately 50 billion pieces of litter remain on the ground and roadways.

Tossits are useful for daily commutes, carpooling with children, roadtrips, and even as car sick bags. Each thick bag is made from post industrial recycled material. It is leak-proof and has an adhesive strip that seals off bad odors. Once the bag is full it can simply be torn off at the perforation and disposed of properly. The easy-to-use bags are available in sets of seven, with options to purchase multiple sets at a special rate.

The company’s mission is to contribute to a cleaner Earth with less trash on the streets and highways. The company’s vision is to educate others about the damage caused by the disposing of trash out of the vehicle window, as well as the importance of keeping auto interiors clean and hygienic. It plans to partner with environmental groups to help share the message.

A delighted customer declared, “I have had many car trash bags over the years. These are the best so far. I went on a 3K mile trip and had these hanging from the back of the passenger seat. It was easy to get to. When it’s full, you just tear it off and seal it up. It’s a great value.”

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