Employee Literacy Learning Software | Reading/Writing Corporate Edition Launched

Created as a children’s aid program to help students make up for missed classes during the pandemic, the Family Learning Software has been adapted and optimized to help adults with poor reading skills improve their literacy. The recently launched corporate edition can help to improve employee retention rates, increase job satisfaction, and lower employee stress levels.

For more information, please visit https://www.familylearningcompany.com/corporate-benefits

The new software has been achieving success in corporate situations because it simultaneously allows employers to increase the productivity and safety of the workforce while helping employees to improve their own skills at their own pace. Increasing the literacy skills of employees has been shown to help them communicate and work more effectively as a team.

Poor literacy skills are thought to cost the USA approximately $225 billion annually in lost productivity, extra training, and safety concerns. While this problem cannot be fixed entirely by a single software solution, a recently completed study followed three different companies who elected to provide their staff with extra literacy training, to find their ROI.

The average ROI between the three companies was 128%, though the study was conducted using a different set of learning tools than those offered by The Family Learning Company. While traditional solutions may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per employee, the Family Learning Software is available for $80 per employee.

After helping children learn from home, the software has been optimized for a variety of different uses, and The Family Learning Company’s clients include non-profit organizations, schools, corporations, prisons, and government agencies. The company has also launched a YouTube channel that contains a variety of demonstrations and explanations, in both English and Spanish. To learn more about the YouTube channel, please visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbwLvj99KluPtUpF_Jcb1cQ

The learning software is not available as a subscription, as part of the company’s plan to keep the program affordable. Clients can either purchase the entire product outright or in smaller “learning blocks” until they have unlocked the complete set.

A satisfied client said, “Family Literacy Software is being used in the four core areas in middle schools and for targeted instruction in high schools. This summer, we also plan to incorporate Family Literacy Software into our summer school remediation program.”

To learn more about The Family Learning Company literacy software, please visit https://www.familylearningcompany.com

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