Self Publishing Costs For Marketing & Business Consultants 2022 Course Launched

The new book marketing workshop by Paper Raven Books focuses on an approach that can help consultants sell 10,000 or more copies of their book. Participants will learn a little-known approach to establishing an effective marketing strategy to sell books without relying on social media.

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Self-publishing is a popular alternative to traditional publication because it allows the author to retain control of their work and does not involve the long and difficult process of being accepted by a publisher. However, it can be difficult for self-published authors to gain a wider audience for their work. Paper Raven Books’ online workshop aims to address and solve this problem.

The upcoming workshop equips marketing and small business consultants with effective strategies to market their books. The company has also created a quiz to help writers decide which publishing channel is right for them. Interested writers can take the quiz at

At the workshop, participants will learn to avoid common self-publishing mistakes, and implement a professional marketing strategy currently used by many successful authors.

In addition to the marketing strategies explored in the workshop, participants will also have access to a list of up-to-date keywords that readers most frequently search for. Understanding trends in current reader interests can boost authors’ success while promoting their books. About the Company

Paper Raven Books’ mission is to help authors write, publish, and market their books while preserving the author’s original vision. The company is headed by author, entrepreneur, researcher, writer, teacher, and leader Morgan Gist MacDonald.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Every book is unique in its voice and style, and every successful book has a few key things in common: an eager market, engaging content, and an ongoing journey that allows the reader to stay in the author’s world.”

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