Caboolture QLD Lawyer 2022 Succession & Estate Planning Checklist Released

Lember and Williams released the new checklist to help families analyse their current estate holdings and examine potential tax burdens when their estate changes hands. Caboolture law firm Principal Carolyn Williams and her team can use the checklist and a client’s responses to create a succession plan within the current legal framework.

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The release comes in response to the increased demand for resources to help people assess their estate and guide them through the estate planning and will creation processes.

Succession plans are essential to the sustainability of a business or family. Succession planning can be difficult because of the feelings of the family members involved. Many tough questions need to be answered, including identifying the beneficiaries, determining their tax obligations and how businesses and property will be disbursed.

Lember and Williams have launched the checklist as a knowledge resource to support clients who want to prepare a will. The checklist covers the appointment of beneficiaries and executors, the bestowment of gifts or monetary legacies, and the guardianship of minors.

The succession planning checklist lists all the documentation the testator needs to include in their estate plan. Clients are advised to include trust deeds for major assets, self-managed superannuation funds, and family trusts. The checklist covers the headstone for the grave, debt forgiveness, the exclusion of specific financial dependants, the type of interment, and other minutiae.

Upon completion of the estate planning checklist, experts from Lember and Williams work with the client to set up a plan that will ensure the client’s assets are always properly protected and disturbed according to the client’s wishes.

Lember and Williams work with a client’s accountant, financial planner, and other agents to examine all relevant estate and succession planning concerns. The firm can prepare wills and powers of attorney, health directives, or put testamentary trusts into place. The firm also provides litigation services, including contesting wills, and estate and trust litigation.

About the Lember and Williams:

Lember and Williams have been servicing the Moreton Bay area for more than 30 years. Their diverse team of legal professionals covers many areas of practice. The firm continues to monitor and stay on top of changes to the law to provide correct legal counsel. Prioritizing listening to their client’s unique needs, the firm provides services for new and operating businesses, large corporations, professionals, individuals, and developers.

The firm is headed by Carolyn Williams, a respected legal professional specialising in succession planning, wills, estates, commercial law, property, and litigation.

According to a spokesperson for the firm, “Preparing a will and putting one’s affairs in order can be complex. Our new checklist simplifies the process and underlines our commitment to helping clients build a secure future for themselves and their loved ones.”

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