Davenport IA Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic | Fast Medical Treatments Updated

The clinic’s newly updated walk-in services provide local residents with world-class care facilities for a variety of medical needs, without long wait times or prior appointments. It is run by top doctors and compassionate care providers carrying out urgent diagnoses and treatments even during the weekends.

For more information, visit https://www.amanacareclinic.com

Amana Care Clinic’s recently updated services improve healthcare access in the Quad Cities area and address a wide range of urgent care needs. Its services include stitches for cuts and lacerations, treatment for cold, flu, infection, diarrhea, muscle injuries and fractures. It utilizes state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and equipment for fast diagnosis and effective treatment.

Patients can now receive immediate diagnostic testing and medical care even if they are not experiencing a life-threatening emergency. The clinic treats pulled or torn muscles, sprains, superficial burns and infections but it does not handle severe emergencies such as heart attacks, head and spine injuries, and paralysis.

For information on its services, visit https://doctor.webmd.com/practice/amana-care-walk-in-clinic-80c5186c-9e18-450e-b0a6-10cd3f0b0361-overview

In a traditional emergency room, patients are treated based on the severity of their condition and those with painful yet non-life threatening issues wait for hours to be treated. These patients can instead visit an urgent care center for prompt, thorough medical assistance at affordable prices. This also reduces the pressure on overcrowded and understaffed emergency departments so they can focus entirely on critical patients.

Amana Care Clinic provides the residents of the Quad Cities with a safe and convenient alternative to local hospitals and emergency rooms. Its prices are more affordable and it also offers urgent medical aid to patients who do not have local primary care physicians.

With the latest announcement, Amana Care Clinic continues to provide the Davenport community with accessible, high-quality medical services.

A satisfied customer wrote, “The patient-friendly atmosphere and kind, caring staff made me feel at home, even though I was from out of town. I walked out of the clinic feeling a lot better and am very satisfied with the treatment I received.”

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Amana Care Clinic
2162 W Kimberly Rd

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