Portage, MI Pharmacy | Covid-19 Booster Vaccination For Children & Teens Launch

The neighborhood retail pharmacy, which emphasizes health and wellness, now provides the FDA-authorized Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine and booster for kids between 5 and 11, this joins the already available Pfizer and Moderna mRNA treatments for kids and adults 12 years and over. They also provide the Johnson & Johnson / Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine for adults 18 and over.

More information can be found at https://advancedhealthpharmacymi.com

Advanced Health Pharmacy has made this announcement in order to encourage parents of younger children to follow CDC protocols, which also require a secondary shot three weeks subsequent to the first dose. The pharmacy’s staff will offer additional information and consultation to families during the child’s appointment, which can be made online.

For kids ages 5 through 11, the FDA analyzed a vaccine study of over 4,500 children. Twice as many of the kids were given the vaccine as opposed to the placebo and among these children, three cases of Covid emerged. Sixteen cases of Covid occurred within the smaller placebo group, indicating the vaccine is 91% effective in preventing the disease for this age group. For children aged 12-15 in another study, the vaccine proved 100% effective. Side effects – such as fatigue, headache, and fever – were mostly mild to moderate in all cases.

Vaccination can also help keep children in school and allows them to participate more freely in sports and other group activities. Children with weakened immune systems are advised to get an additional shot after the second dose.

Advanced Health Pharmacy accepts appointments during the week and is available by phone after hours on weekdays and weekends for emergencies. Patients may walk into the pharmacy for a vaccine but an appointment is preferred and can be made on the website.

The pharmacy also provides a wide range of products and services. Items for sale include masks, sanitizers, thermometers, supplements, and essential oils. Also available are Incrediwear braces to facilitate circulation and mitigate inflammation – thereby reducing pain and speeding up the healing process for individuals recovering from injuries. Services include travel vaccinations and 24/7 support to senior living facilities.

Headed by owner Arun Tandon, RPh, Advanced Health Pharmacy is an advocate for affordable, accessible, and compassionate health care.

One customer commented: “Very friendly, courteous staff and quick service. I will go there every time I need a Covid test. Thank you for being there for all of us.”

Interested parties can learn more at https://advancedhealthpharmacymi.com/covid-19-vaccine

Advanced Health Pharmacy
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