The HVAC Service Provides Eco-Friendly and Affordable Furnace Repair Services in Brampton, ON

Brampton, ON – The HVAC Service repair men are licensed to work with all furnace brands and types, including electric and gas furnaces. The company guarantees affordable repair services on more than 60 brands, including the most popular furnace brands in the industry. They also offer emergency boiler repair services through their emergency boiler repair team, which is available 24 hours a day. The company advises clients to follow the user guide recommendations and get the furnace inspected by a licensed technical specialist regularly. With the right use and maintenance, a furnace can last over 20 years with minor repairs once in a while. This is considering the cost of repairing a gas furnace made in the last 25 years saves hundreds of dollars since they are more efficient. It also has a 95% smaller carbon footprint than buying a new unit. The company offers free service calls with repairs, complete warranties, and 24-hour phone support. All clients qualify for a price decrease in all their repair services.

The HVAC Service boiler repair specialist has a team of qualified HVAC specialists who provide high-quality furnace repairs. They prioritize looking at the condition and circumstances under which the furnace works instead of the age, then make repairs instead of replacement. One of the clients had this to say regarding the company’s furnace repair services, “Their technicians were prompt and efficient, and the repairs took the shortest time possible. I thought they would suggest I replace the furnace since it’s over ten years old, but to my surprise, they advised otherwise, considering it’s one of the best brands in the industry. I only schedule maintenance, and the furnace has had no issues since then.”

The HVAC Service boiler repair expert considers the feasibility of furnace repair before considering a replacement. They always suggest repairing the furnace if it is in perfect condition instead of changing it into a new one. The company also sensitizes clients on the need to engage licensed specialists who repair furnaces easily since it’s their area of specialization. This costs several times less since replacing a unit means purchasing a new one. This is owing to the many instances where people hastily replace broken furnaces with new ones while they only needed a simple spare part. Some of the common furnace problems to look out for include a defective ignition system, noise, gas smell, a defective SD, a thermostat that does not work, a furnace not providing heat and not releasing air, and fast cycle problems.

The HVAC Service was founded in 1991, extending over 3 decades of experience in the industry. Besides furnace repairs, they also sell, rent, tune-up, and maintain furnaces. They also offer boiler services, among many other services, such as cooling, which entail air conditioning, heat pumps, and ductless air conditioning. Other services include water heating with water heater tanks and tankless water heaters, water treatment, and air filtration.

The HVAC Service is headquartered at 16 Rutherford Rd S, Unit 203, Brampton, ON, L6W 3J1 CA. Clients can visit their website for more information on their services or reach the company at 905-488-1884 for inquiries.

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