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In line with its strengthened services, Indy Home Design Center is providing the public with a series of guides covering various aspects of kitchen remodeling. In these publications, the company shows how remodeling a kitchen not only declutters a space but also cuts down electricity costs.

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The updated reports reflect the growing need for homeowners to be more proactive in their interior design. According to experts, a crowded kitchen with antiquated appliances can cost families hundreds of dollars each year in wasted electricity. To lessen their impact on the planet, individuals are encouraged to remodel their kitchens once every few years.

The changes do not have to be drastic, clarifies Indy Home Design Center. Families can simply update their appliances and change their cabinets. With the company, families can benefit from high-quality cabinets that are 30% to 40% off their big-box prices. This is because of the several partnerships the center has with various suppliers.

Most homeowners are unaware that their cabinets can absorb harmful chemicals from cooking or smoking. Families that are heavy smokers, for example, will notice the tobacco seeping into their walls and causing a dark, dirty layer of soot. This affects circulation in the kitchen, and appliances have to work harder in order to maintain their efficiency.

This translates to higher electricity bills – unnecessary expenses that could have been prevented if families properly mapped out their kitchen remodel scope of work. Further details can be found at

At Indy Home Design Center, clients are assured that their kitchen remodeling is in the best hands. The company is known for its unique business model that prioritizes energy efficiency combined with laser-focus attention to the client’s needs and budget. It always looks at better ways to clean a space while maintaining environment-friendly practices.

New clients are invited to schedule an initial discovery call with the team for further clarification. To practice social distancing, all calls will be done online until further notice. Clients can also email the team.

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